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Lily Menstrual Cup

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Sail through your period with this silicone reusable menstrual cup. Menstrual cups collect rather than absorb, and this style features a non-spill rim for worry-free removal

Size A - Light Pink
Size B - Dark Pink
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Lily Menstrual Cup
Sail through your period with this silicone reusable menstrual cup. Menstrual cups collect rather than absorb, and this style features a non-spill rim for worry-free removal when it's time to empty your Lily Cup. Soft and flexible silicone comfortably fits the body for all-day wear. To use, simply push the rim down into the base of the cup and firmly hold the body while inserting the pointed end into the vagina. The cup will gently open inside, creating a light seal with the vaginal walls. Lily cup can work up to 12 hours and is suitable for light to heavy flow. Comes with an anti-stain pouch for storage plus a user manual offering product information in seven languages. Menstrual cups are environmentally friendly as they reduce the amount of pads and tampons heading into landfills.

Choose from two sizes: A and B. Size A (comes in light pink) is for those who have not given birth vaginally (including those who have had a Cesarean birth), while Size B (comes in dark pink) is for users who have given birth vaginally or who have a weaker pelvic floor.

Brand: LELO

Product Details

Material: Silicone
Color: Pink
Warranty: 30 Days


  • Reusable

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Customer Reviews
No waste, no worries - August 8, 2019
Reviewed By: JackieB

The cup is reusable and there is no waste. I also save money. More importantly, I work, shop, run errands, you name it, without thinking about my period. I cannot describe this feeling of freedom. No more tampons for me. 8-10 hours of feeling free is something totally new to me.

It really makes a difference - July 24, 2019
Reviewed By: CandyStore3

No waste with this cup and up to 8-10 hours of freedom, no worries about leaks. I just had to learn how to place it properly and get used to it. It did not last long and is totally worth it. I also manage to save money. I use one cup, I wash it and reuse it. It is soft, no allergies, nothing.

Love this cup - June 19, 2019
Reviewed By: RapTOGW

Love it. It has given me so much freedom and I save money not buying tampons. It is so much easier to go to work or shopping now. I have protection for up to 8 hours. Sometimes more. Love the silicone.

For clean and carefree days - March 18, 2019
Reviewed By: RoxieLA

Menstrual cups are a game-changer. And this one is my favourite so far. It is so easy to clean it and I have no clue for how long it can be used, it looks indestructible. Good price and I have already saved some money not buying tampons. My period days are so different now. Everything is so much easier.

I love silicone - January 10, 2019
Reviewed By: LiliKen

Silicone is the great thing about this cup. I have never had children so I bought size A. It was not easy to get used to it and I thought I would give up. I think it was more in my head thinking about a foreign body inserted. However, after 2 months the story is different. I even forget I am wearing it and I do not have to worry about leaking. I have not really counted but I think there are no leaks for at least 7-8 hours. And that is a lot of freedom I did not have before.

Worth the initial trouble - December 18, 2018
Reviewed By: MiamiB25783

It is not easy to get used to any menstrual cup. I have tried a few. But this is the only option to tampons and we know how that works. Messy, problems at work, when walking, shopping, you name it. I had to go through the initial period, not easy, I tell you, but it got better after a few periods. Now I almost do not feel it. It is very easy to clean this cup because it is reusable, simply washable. There are some new models out there, collapsible, with a small ring. Maybe those would have made it easier for me during the initial period, who knows... It does not matter now. I am satisfied and I feel free at work, walking, shopping....

A reliable cup - November 19, 2018
Reviewed By: NinaH

This menstrual cup is very reliable. Some of my friends would not even hear about it. I was open to the idea. I am not sorry. I save money, it is easy to wash, I am careful when I insert it and take it out. I can go to work without thinking about if there would be leaks or not. That makes me so relaxed and better at work.

Comfortable cup - October 25, 2018
Reviewed By: MHardy72

No leaks or any problems when wearing it. It really feels good and I can wear it all day without any fear that it might leak. It�s very soft and easy to insert, even easier to take out. I don�t wear any extra protection and I feel completely protected.

reliable - August 2, 2018
Reviewed By: MKr35

I used some menstrual cups before this one. They were OK, nothing more. The usual problems: they do not fit perfectly, some are not easy to wash�This menstrual cup is very different. Yes, it takes some time to get used to it and forget that you wear it, but the overall benefits are worth this trouble. You can go to work, wherever you want and you will feel confident. And you will save money because it is reusable. No more tampons for me!

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