Pulse III Solo Stimulator

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Pulse III Solo Stimulator

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This innovative and versatile penis stimulator (or “guybrator”) brings savvy design and space-age chic to solo play!

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This innovative and versatile penis stimulator (or “guybrator”) brings savvy design and space-age chic to solo play! Looking like an accessory you’d find in the Batcave, it uses oscillation to facilitate a unique “grip and grind” sensation. This hand-held toy was designed specifically for solo penis play though we think it feels great no matter who is holding it! Unlike most cock toys Pulse III Solo can be enjoyed whether or not the penis is erect. Add lubricant for more slickness and motion; without lube, the unique, patented PulsePlate™ will directly stimulate the frenulum with high-amplitude oscillations (rather than low-amplitude vibrations). Turbo Mode allows you to get to highest intensity level no matter which level you are currently using – just press & hold + button for three seconds. Ridges inside add to the sensation it can create, as do its soft “wings” – plus they allow the Pulse to be used by people with any size penis. Nine levels of oscillation & 5 vibration modes are controlled by using + button to turn on, and - button to turn off. Powered by a USB charger with lithium-ion battery; charge for 4 hours before use. Runs for up to an hour (depending on intensity level). 100% waterproof means Pulse III Solo can be enjoyed on land as well as sea!

Pulse III Solo Stimulator
Grey Silicone
Rechargeable, Magnetic USB charger included
Pulse III sensor allow the motor to compensate when pressure is put on the PulsePlate
Turbo Mode

"Finally - a sex toy that loves all the cocks in the world. Soft, hard, able bodied, disabled, transitioning - The PULSE by Hot Octopuss delivers pleasure to all with its carefully crafted design to hug around vs. sliding in. Such a simple concept that can change the way pleasure can be experienced. " - Megan Andelloux Clinical Sexologist, ACS Certified Sexuality Educator, AASECT Certified HIV Educator.

Brand: Hot Octopuss

Product Details

Material: Silicone
Color: Grey
Length: 5 inches
Intensity: 3/5
Warranty: 1 Year


  • Waterproof
  • Rechargeable
  • Multi-speed

Reviews & Ratings

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Customer Reviews
It is a truly unique and necessary experience - December 22, 2016
Reviewed By: The Playful Couple

We found the pulse devices while scouring the internet for gifts for one another. The Mrs. and I purchased both the solo and duo units, and were eager to see if they lived up to the hype.

Did they?

Well, yes and no. Lets get the easy questions out of the way.

Does it work? - In a word, yes, but there is more to it. I'll bet there are men who will climax almost immediately. For others, it may take a bit more effort.

Can it bring a man to a "hands free" orgasm? - This is all subject to the way his body reacts to the sensations. It probably can, but in our case, we couldn't simply power it on and wait for the show.

Does it feel good? - Absolutely! It would be presumptuous to say this is a blanket fact that applies to all men, but let's face it. If it touches his member, and is powered on, it will feel pleasurable.

Now I am a man with much larger than average equipment. Length and girth can be problematic for me when it comes to sex toys. While some might see it as a blessing, it feels more like a curse. This is mostly due to size being paired with another condition I have. I was diagnosed some years ago with a condition I'd never heard of prior. Retarded ejaculation may sound scary, or funny, depending on who you're talking to. Basically, a man with this condition will find that reaching climax under normal sexual stimulus is extremely difficult. Much patience and effort must be exercised in order for it to even be a possibility.

With masturbators, I always find that I have issues with staying safely lubed up and even fitting into some of them. So please understand that this review is being written from the perspective of a man with a very specific list of hindrances.

We unboxed the solo as soon as the package arrived. They present it well, as it is a toy that does not come particularly cheap. The packaging and it's contents are very inviting. It is a well made, well presented, and overall beautifully designed presentation. We recommend that you give the pulse time to charge before you give it a test drive, as mine ran low and shut off in the first session.

When properly charged, the Pulse 3 Solo has a lot of staying power. As a man with difficulties reaching climax in general, I was skeptical that it would be able to stay running long enough. To find success in this department was pleasantly surprising.

Depending on your size (more girth than length) the pulse may move around a bit. The firm and flexible wings didn't quite have enough grip strength to hold it on my shaft. Ideally, you want the pleasure plate to be held firmly against the underside of your shaft, just below the head of the penis. This sweet spot will likely differ from one man to the next, so don't be afraid to reposition it as needed to experience what the pulse is designed to provide. If you have trouble finding the spot, keep repositioning it. Believe me, you will know it when you find it. Once you have found the spot, you may need to keep one hand on, just to keep it from shifting and pleasuring the side of your penis or slipping off. I personally found that I still need at least a small amount of stroking to reach the goal.

As a static unit (no stroking) it was a very powerful, unique, and empowering feeling. It could get me really close, but never to the edge. Unfortunately for me, it is not completely "hands-free". A little "manual labor" exerted, and the edge was near. Slapped the pulse back on in static, on high gear, and the orgasm is truly something every man should experience. Bravo!

The physical sensations the oscillator created generated a steady flow of pre-ejaculate fluid virtually the entire time. This can be messy, but is a great experience. A gradual progression like a lazy river, and then suddenly becoming white water rafting. It is absolutely exquisite!

In the ten or so runs I've given the solo, I experienced the static orgasm, as well as the stroker variant. While I prefer the deeper feeling of the static, using it as a stroker was fantastic as well.

We gave Pulse 3 Solo 4 out of 5 stars.

Hey, it is a shining example of creative ingenuity meets scientific precision. While it may not be a one size fits all device, what truly is? I love this thing, and the Mrs. loves that it saves her a considerable amount of work.

I hope they make a few changes in future applications. Perhaps the design could benefit from some sort of outside clasping mechanism. And who would object to a few more pulse variations? I recommend a pattern of low-high intensity waves, and possibly a pattern that alternates between 2 existing patterns.

The possibilities with the pulse are endless. I am equally as impressed by this technology as I am eager to see where it goes from here. If you are debating whether or not to pick it up, BUY ONE!

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