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Intimate Pump

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No one likes being under pressure, unless of course, it’s from the Intimate Pump! Designed for people looking to explore sensation play on their clitoris or nipples

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No one likes being under pressure, unless of course, it’s from the Intimate Pump! Designed for people looking to explore sensation play on their clitoris or nipples, this pump is great for beginners and experts alike. The manual hand-pump is easy to use one handed and comes with a tiny heart-shaped button which allows for a fast release of air pressure. The clear cylinder allows you to watch your body respond to the suction and increased blood flow. Where there’s increased blood flow, there’s increased sensitivity!

Intimate Pump
Purple & Clear Silicone, ABS Plastic & PVC
Designed for full body intimate use
Superior suction for increased sensitivity
Flanged base for a secure seal
Luxurious body safe Silicone sleeve
Easy squeeze trigger bulb for ease of use
Quick air release valve
3.5” x 2.5” (9 cm x 6.25 cm)

Brand: Cal Exotics

Product Details

Material: Silicone / PVC / ABS Plastic
Color: Purple / Clear
Warranty: 30 Days

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Customer Reviews
If you're not shaved, don't bother - September 4, 2016
Reviewed By: Leanne Garrick

It won't grip except on very smooth skin, and even then, the grip isn't very strong and it fades quickly unless you keep pumping it. The pump is awkward to operate and can pinch fingers if not used carefully; I consider this a strong negative point because sex toys need to work well when you're intensely distracted. After playing around with it, the best grip for me involved putting the bottom of the pump at the heel of my palm/ball of the thumb, with my index and middle fingers split around the top of the pump.

The instruction pamphlet is in several languages, starting with German; it's obviously a generic info-sheet included in all their toys, since #1 says "Clean the product before first and after every further use with warm water and soap. After every anal use, the device should be thoroughly cleaned before a further vaginal use." (This was more than a little disconcerting until I read on and realized these instructions were generic.)

There are no instructions about how to operate this particular device other than some generic bits about pump/suction devices. ("You can stop the pumping or suction process by opening the air-valve, releasing the vacuum.") The only info about the materials is on the outside of the box: "body safe, unscented, phthalate free," and "body safe silicone sleeve" are both mentioned. Tiny text says the bulb and release valve are ABS, and the hose is phthalate-free PVC; the cylinder is SAN. (I have no idea which part of this device the "cylinder" is.)

The box also says "DO NOT IMMERSE IN WATER. Remove batteries when not in use." This does not give me confidence about the accuracy of the rest of the labeling. The box also says "Designed for a woman by a woman," and I would really like to know who those two women are.

The purple "cap" is soft and flexible. The "bell" it's attached to is hard plastic; the tube is flexible plastic, and the pump is hard plastic. The sleeve is easy to remove and replace after cleaning.

Without the ability to get a strong suction, the sensations were mildly pleasant but not worth the effort of operating the pump and holding it at an angle that allowed it to work. If I could get a strong suction (defined as, "doesn't fall off when I release it"), I suspect the results would be the same: Interesting, rather nice, takes too much effort unless it hits your kinks absolutely spot-on, and even then, your hand is going tire of pumping quickly.

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