Rough Rider Condoms 3-Pack

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Rough Rider Condoms 3-Pack

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The pronounced studs covering this condom provide nice, sensitive friction for the wearer's partner. Slightly thicker latex than most condoms.

Rough Rider Condoms 3-Pack
Lubricated opaque cream latex
Three latex condoms

L: 186mm
W: 53mm
Th: .1mm

Brand: Rough Rider

Product Details

Material: Latex
Texture: Studded
Color: White
Length: 186 millimeters
Diameter: 53 millimeters
Thickness: 0.1 millimeters
Warranty: 30 Days


  • Textured externally

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Customer Reviews
If you are a fan of textured condoms... - March 5, 2018
Reviewed By: CamiGV

I'd suggest Rough Rider, these condoms definitely provide extra internal stimulation and the sensation feels so nice. For textured condoms, Rough Rider studded is my go to.

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