kGoal Smart Kegel Trainer

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kGoal Smart Kegel Trainer

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Keep your pelvic floor fit with this innovative biofeedback device from MinnaLife.

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Keep your pelvic floor fit with this innovative biofeedback device from MinnaLife. Paired with an app to allow the user to monitor changes in PC muscle strength, the kGoal gives you real-time, tactile information about your progress, measuring and tracking your strength and endurance and making sure you’re doing your Kegel exercises correctly. Designed to fit a wide range of body types and anatomies, the valve at the base allows the bulb to be inflated or deflated as you prefer, allowing for ease of insertion but also getting you to squeeze harder, if you wish. Understand your body and optimize your health: MinnaLife worked with a team of physical therapists and doctors to develop algorithms that suggest exercise plans tailored to you, based on your current capabilities. Splash-resistant and easy to clean, kGoal comes with a one-year manufacturer's warranty and an eco-friendly USB-rechargeable battery (battery life is at least 2 hours, depending on usage. Charge time is ~1.5 hours) with USB charging cable. Compatible with both iOS and Android devices; requires Bluetooth 4.0 (also known as Bluetooth Low Energy) capability. The app is available at no charge with the purchase of a kGoal device.

When exercising your PC (aka Kegel) muscles with a resistive device, or via any other method, remember that the correct way to exercise a muscle is not to simply tighten it. You must also relax that muscle—not only for maximum flexibility and functionality, but also to avoid injury. Our pelvic floor consultant suggests a maximum of 30 reps a day, remembering to fully relax each time.

kGoal Smart Kegel Trainer
Blue with white detail silicone
3 5/8” long x 1 1/2" in diameter (9.2cm x 3.8cm)
For Apple devices, compatible with iPhone 4S or newer or the iPad3 or newer
Eco-friendly USB-rechargeable battery:

Product Video: Using kGoal

Product Video: Using kGoal App

Brand: Minna

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Customer Reviews
Fitbit for my Vagina! - August 3, 2015
Reviewed By: cuntastic

The Kgoal is one cool Kegel Trainer! Downloading and connecting this toy to the application on my phone was very simple. I have always tried to stay on top of doing my kegel exercise and was curious if I actually strengthening the muscle. The Kgoal shows a bar rising as I squeeze and records my overall results. Each "workout" is about 5 minutes and does a variety of exercise (such as squeeze and hold) ect. As I squeeze the Kgoal response with vibration which is a bit of a reward at the same time. There is a piece that sits externally which also vibrates as I squeeze. The vibration setting can be turned off as well (although I like the vibration). Recently Minna released an update of the app, which now includes more "workout"" routines.

I am very satisfied with my Kgoal!

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