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Vesper by Crave

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Vesper is both a gorgeously crafted piece of jewelry as well as a strong slim vibrator. The vibrating nickel-free pendant is made from high polish 316 stainless steel and is available in three colors

Rose Gold
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Vesper is both a gorgeously crafted piece of jewelry as well as a strong slim vibrator. The vibrating nickel-free pendant is made from high polish 316 stainless steel and is available in three colors: silver, rose gold and 24k gold plating with matching chains. Vesper hangs low enough to rest discreetly between your breasts making this vibrator an in-plain-site discreet accessory. The single on/off button controls the three speeds and one pulsation pattern. Simply remove the cap to recharge using the provided USB cable. Whisper quiet & splashproof, Vesper is a subtle addition to your outfit as well as a standalone statement piece.

Vesper by Crave
26" (66cm) nickel-free stainless steel chain.
Splashproof for easy cleaning with soap and water.
Product Dimensions: 3 4/5" long, 3/10" diameter, 1/2" diameter at cap
(9.6cm long, .7cm diameter, 1.3cm at cap)
Volume: 2, Intensity: 3
Nickel-free plating.
Designed for external clitoral use only. Not for insertion.

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Brand: Crave

Product Details

Material: Metal
Texture: Smooth
Color: Silver
Power Source: USB
Length: 3.75 inches
Diameter: 0.32 inches
Intensity: 4/5
Volume: 3/5
Warranty: 1 Year


  • Rechargeable
  • Multi-speed

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Customer Reviews
FUN!!!!!! - March 15, 2019
Reviewed By: MyToyStory

i dont typically enjoy buzzy but just like with the Zumio it is a unique experience to do sensation play and tease the clitoris towards arousal. I havent had an orgasm with it but I am more difficult than most of my gfs and I enjoy rumblier vibes.

Great starter - June 7, 2016
Reviewed By: Corpium

I've had it for about a year now and it's treated me really well.

A little big for a necklace for a petite, small-breasted girl like me -- really the only time I wear it is out clubbing, but I suppose that's a pretty relevant place to wear it if you're looking to hook up with people. It's a really powerful buzzer like everyone says, with 3 speeds -- my personal favorite is the middle one. The 3 speeds can get a little boring after a while, but for something that can masquerade as a necklace I'd say it's pretty good. My only complaint is that it tends to overheat, even with lube, and I think it's gotten worse within the last few months. I say "overheat" because it can actually get kind of painful, but I suppose if that's your thing then you might like it.

I've taken it on the road with me because it's so small and quiet, but I haven't dared take it on a plane through TSA with me for fear of the motor making them check it.

An elegant surprise - April 26, 2016
Reviewed By: Berlin

It is a beautifu, simple and discrete vibrator. A great ice breaker for dates ;) Easy to use, 3 speeds and 1 pattern. This little thing has some power. If you're a fan of toys or lube warming up, you will like this as it warms up during use. This isn't just some ol' piece of jewelry, it's also a clit pleaser.

The most elegant vibe. - January 3, 2016
Reviewed By: Whitemask

This thing is currently my favorite vibe. I surprised my boyfriend by telling him the thingie hangover over my neck is actually a vibe. Its small as a vibe, little big as a jewelry piece but it still looks like a nice necklace when wearing it. And yes its not big but its powerful :) It has 3 speeds and pulsation. Its not too loud you can cover it up under blanket or clothing. I got so many compliments from people when im wearing it, I giggle when people say its a very special necklace, and it is the truth too.

"It's for my headaches" - December 11, 2015
Reviewed By: Switchcraft

First of all, it's a great piece of jewelry; I get frequent compliments on it. Second, it's got a good kick for such a small vibe. I wore it when I had a headcold, and held it against my temples and cheekbones to help relieve sinus pressure- worked like a charm. I don't know if I'd go so far as to call it the swiss army knife of vibes, but it is definitely a multi-purpose tool!

A Vibe For Everyday Wear? You Bet! - September 7, 2015
Reviewed By: FriskLain

The Vesper is an elegant little toy (and necklace!) and a damn strong external vibe. Avoid this one if you like more rumbly, subtle vibrations because this one is an intense buzzer! You can mute the intensity a bit through clothing, which is what I like to do. If you're worried about someone recognizing it as a vibe in public, just turn the necklace around so the button is facing away. Besides, it doesn't really look like a traditional vibe anyhow - it looks more like a quirky version of nail-as-jewelry than anything else. I've decided to spice my Vesper up with two gemstone point pendants on either side; I get compliments on it all the time! This toy is the very picture of discreet on-the-go fun - you don't even have to hide it away! Plus, it charges via USB unlike many other 'mini vibes'. This is a cool vibe to use during intercourse or combined with an internal toy. It's also great if you are traveling without a lot of space for toys or out and about and you want to have a vibe at the ready.

Love it as a vibe, love it as a necklace - August 30, 2015
Reviewed By: Alex

This vibrator really takes multifunctional to the next level--and I love it! Petite, pocket-sized vibrator packs a lot of power behind it and still manages to stay whisper quiet. It holds a charge for a looong time, and comes with a super easy to use USB charger. I like using it on its side for broader all-over sensation and switching to just the tip for more pinpointed stimulation. It's even worked nicely on my temples to help reduce headaches!

As a necklace, I almost love it even more. It's interesting, classy, and elegant (depending on how you wear it, I suppose), and it passed the wear-it-in-public test when I wore it to a family Christmas dinner with no one the wiser. Until I told them, because that's how I do. I only have two critiques, and they are fairly small: 1) I wish the chain were just a little bit longer. For the bustier of us, it doesn't sit quite between breasts (when worn over clothing) as it is intended to--google "boob shelf" if this confuses you--and can stick out awkwardly, depending on how my clothes fit me that day. That all said, I used an old bracelet I had laying around to give it some extra length and that took care of things for me. 2) Crave's toys are all buzzier vibes, and I really wish they would roll out something that has more rumbly, lower frequency vibrations. All the awesome design and innovation in the world can't counter something that is too buzzy to suit my body.

While Vesper hasn't necessarily broken into my Top Ten Toys list*, it has a very special place in my heart, and in my jewelry collection!

*Actually, maybe it does. I still need to finalize this list. :)

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