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Showing You The Ropes

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The Two Knotty BoysWhether you’re curious about rope bondage, or a seasoned player looking for new

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The Two Knotty Boys
Whether you’re curious about rope bondage, or a seasoned player looking for new tricks, the Two Knotty Boys will help you get your mind wrapped around it all. With photos and text, this guide covers basic, decorative, dominance and sex bondage. The Two Knotty Boys, who do in-store workshops at GV, fill the gap between information about knots and information about bondage—they leave out the lectures about BDSM and cut right to the chase. From basic wraps to rope corsets, from table tie-downs to gags….let the Two Knotty Boys show you the ropes. Photographs by Larry Utley. 2007, 79 pp.

Brand: Entrenue

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Author: Two Knotty Boys

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Excellent level of detail in instructions, gorgeous ropework - December 12, 2014
Reviewed By: peakingat30

I'd never tied anything but a granny knot in my life, and was tying gorgeous, intricate knots within minutes thanks to the detailed photos and instructions in this book. Every step of the knot tying is photographed, as well as explained in writing. Knot and rope basics are explained, and then there are a plethora of options for securing a partner for either mild or more serious play, plus some decorative uses for rope. Buying this book will allow you to use rope to replace corsets, lingerie, arm restraints, collars, etc. For a beginner who was concerned about safety, I found it reassuring that they explain which knots will slide when pulled on, and which ones won't. Most of the restraints they demonstrate are secure so that they won't tighten even when the ropes are pulled on.

With one simple, innocuous length of rope, you can secure a partner in such a large variety of positions that you would otherwise require a duffel bag worth of accessories for. Plus, it's not as scary to have tucked away in the back of a drawer hoping no one besides your parter will ever discover it. Perfect for any minimalist, and especially anyone new to rope bondage. I am thrilled with the book.

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