Exhibitionism For The Shy

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Carol Queen's first book is back! In a new and improved second edition with a foreword by porn Read More

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Carol Queen's first book is back! In a new and improved second edition with a foreword by porn sweetheart Nina Hartley. This classic how-to guide for shy show-offs is ready to guide a new generation of readers into self-knowledge and comfort with their newly audacious selves! Featuring interviews with self-proclaimed exhibitionists, including porn performers, play party fans, and both brazen extroverts and recovering shy people. This must have title also includes helpful guidance for people who want to talk dirty, discover their sexiest personas, and approach reticent partners about exhibitionistic play. Liberating and inspiring, Exhibitionism for the Shy will have you showing off, dressing up, and talking hot in no time.

The updated second edition includes new interviews with: Margaret Cho, Audacia Ray, Violet Blue, and America Unzipped author Brian Alexander, among others, plus the original's great interviews with Nina Hartley, Annie Sprinkle, Candye Kane, Vanessa del Rio, Jeanna Fine, Lily Burana, Shar Rednour and Jackie Strano, and the late, great Juliet Anderson. Also included is a chapter on internet sex and online exhibitionism.
2009, 240 pages

Brand: SCB Distributors

Author: Carol Queen

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