Ride'Em Cowgirl!

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Ride'Em Cowgirl!

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If you’re looking to spice up your sexual position repertoire, then hold on tight because you’re in

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If you’re looking to spice up your sexual position repertoire, then hold on tight because you’re in for a wild ride. Promising “sex positions for better bucking,” this book has it all from basic sex and anatomy information to position specifics for anal, women with voluptuous bodies, pregnancy sex, and even sex on the fly! Great illustrations show you how to get into a myriad of sexual positions and then how to make the most of it once you get there. We think you’ll be shouting “Yee Haw!” in no time. By Dr. Sadie Allison. 2007, 240 pp.

Brand: Tickle Kitty Press

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Author: Dr. Sadie Allison

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Customer Reviews
Better Bucking Indeed - October 11, 2012
Reviewed By: Tarbear

Impressed again by Dr. Sadie’s professional insight and fun formula to pleasure.
It’s unclear exactly how many times I actually had to set down Ride ‘Em Cowgirl to immediately put Dr. Sadie’s words into fruition. Try opening this book to almost any page, and be not immediately inclined to harness up and put on your cowgirl hat.

Sexual creativity truly for everybody. I may not be pregnant, but I’ve always been curious how to tackle the bulge in the bedroom. I’ll be buying this for all my pregnant girlfriends, and maybe even leaving it in the bathroom for my boyfriend to ‘discover’ as well.

Love the illustrations and Sadie’s fun voice as always. An all around winner! Way to go Dr. Sadie, you’ve done it again.

covers it all - March 28, 2011
Reviewed By: GV Affiliate Reviews

Offering over 90 different possible bucking positions, Dr. Allison doesn’t just slap down the picture, she tells you why to get into a certain position, why it will feel good, how to reach the ultimate orgasm, how to make it a multiple, how to help your partner with his HE-Spot, while he touches your G-Spot.

She does an excellent job at touching on some very ‘not so talked about’ subjects, and the language she uses in her book is easily understood, yet very informative. I love that the points she touches on are helpful to many different audiences.

--from our reviewer, Hot Movies for Her

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