Ultimate Guide To Anal Sex For Women 2nd Ed

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Ultimate Guide To Anal Sex For Women 2nd Ed

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Tristan Taormino She’s the ultimate cheerleader for the back door! Tristan Taormino returns with

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Tristan Taormino
She’s the ultimate cheerleader for the back door! Tristan Taormino returns with even more to say about anal sex and women’s pleasure. In this updated and expanded guide, she explains everything you need to know to make anal sex hot, pleasurable and safe. Not only does Taormino include expanded chapters on bondage, power dynamics, fisting, and male anal eroticism, she features answers from the “Anal Advisor” to answer the essential and esoteric questions readers may have. This indispensable guide will only lead to your own- or your partner’s -- greater gratification. (1998) 2006. 221 pp.

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Author: Tristan Taormino

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This Queer Boy’s Review of “The Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Women” - March 26, 2009
Reviewed By: queerradical

Originally published on Queer Radical

I just finished reading Tristan Taormino’s The Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Women (2nd Edition). What a book! I learned all sorts of anal sex tidbits for female bodied people that I’ve never before considered. While a great deal of the basic information for first-time butt-players has been well-covered elsewhere, she presents it in a fresh, readable, and queer-positive/straight friendly manner sure to educate, please, and hone our collective anal skills.

Taorminio discusses everything from enemas, butt plugs, and anal lubes to anal masturbation, health, and fisting. She gives ample information about direct prostate stimulation for male-bodied people and indirect g-spot stimulation for female bodied people.

She details why the traditional lube gay men used for anal fisting, Crisco, is a bad idea for female-bodied people to use, explains the problems with Silicone-based lubes coupled with Silicone sex toys, offers suggestions for non-latex based gloves, covers rimming, fingering, prolonged butt-plug wearing, and good techniques for negotiating sex scenes.

While the beginning of the book details some of the common misconceptions people often have about anal sex, later she describes how you can use those misconceptions in some fierce BDSM role-playing scenarios. She gives great advice for tops and bottoms to safely, consensually, and sanely play out those scenes.

The book is peppered with erotic quotes from the likes of Pat Califia and S Bear Bergman and includes wonderful Ann Landers-like Q&As called “Ask the Anal Advisor” where Taormino addresses topics such as:

“I love it when my wife wear’s a strap-on and gives it to me in the butt. My problem is that she only does it occasionally. I wish she would do it more and enjoy it more. Any suggestions?”

All in all, if you ever might find yourself having anal pleasures with a female bodied person (you, your trans-boyfriend, your dyke bottom, or your wife included), I highly recommend this entertaining, informative, and spicy read. It’s as good for gay men who’ve been playing with male-bodied partners’ asses and exploring new gender horizons as it is for solitary ass-players, sporty capital-L Lesbians, and monogamous hetero married wives sodomizing their husbands in the Bible Belt.

some good, some bad... overall - just okay - July 21, 2008
Reviewed By:

this book is okay, but i think a lot of topics are either quickly skimmed over, or not addressed at all. it's not too great of a book if you're a guy buying this for your girl. it's more for a girl who is already interested, and wants to know more, which in a way is kind of pointless since a girl who is already interested has likely already tried it, or willing to try. there's really nothing about why a hetero guy would want to "do his girl in the butt". and that's a topic that really should be addressed: a lot of women would likely be concerned that their man was bi-curious, etc. the topic of many women's reaction that "ass sex is dirty" also is not adequately addressed. i think this book would be better if: 1) it was co-written with a man, and 2) some tasteful photos of the best positions to start with were included. lastly, health from the man's point of view is not covered. my girl is 'clean', but i contracted a few urinary-tract infections from penetrating (e coli is present even though things look clean, and guys you can get urinary tract infections). they were painful and i needed antibiotics. we're married, so i didn't feel a condom was necessary. it's a decent book, but it is lacking...

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