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Tickle My Tush

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Interested in exploring anal play, but not exactly sure where to begin?

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Dr. Sadie Allison
Interested in exploring anal play, but not exactly sure where to begin? In Tickle My Tush, Dr. Sadie Allison details all the ins and outs of mild to wild anal adventures for “everybooty”. This simple, informative guide covers everything from basic anal play safety to harness and strap-on use, while offering tips on how to maximize pleasure for both partners, giving and receiving. Tickle My Tush provides concise, judgment-free answers to common questions with clarity, wit and humor, presenting the reader with everything they need to sit back, relax and enjoy the art of anal exploration. Whether you’re simply curious about anal play, or simply crazy about it, Tickle My Tush is a must-read for anyone looking to expand their erotic repertoire. 2012, 134 pages.

Brand: Tickle Kitty Press

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Author: Dr. Sadie Allison

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I sense screaming O's on your anal horizon - October 11, 2012
Reviewed By: Tarbear

Dr. Sadie single handedly took a topic that had flooded me with insecurities, questions, and concerns and turned it into something approachable, informative and fun. Most importantly, Tickle My Tush taught me how to approach anal sex safely, skyrocketing my confidence, and broadening my pleasure horizons.

From G-Spot to He-Spot, no stone is left unturned and after 132 pages, I finally have my anal confidence badge of honor. This book has encouraged me to take on the wild and shock my boyfriend with pleasure for us both.

Tickle My Tush is written in a refreshing format, with a no-nonsense approach to the backdoor playground. Five stars!

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