Slippery Stuff Gel Lube

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Slippery Stuff Gel Lube

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The gel formula is designed to be thick and to stay where it's applied, which is especially useful for anal play.

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Originally designed to make it easier to slip in and out of rubber diving suits, we're pleased this slick, odorless and completely taste-free lube has evolved into something everyone can use. Now made without parabens while retaining the classic gel consistency, non-irritating formula, and non-sticky slickness. Plus, it's glycerin-free, non-staining, gluten-free, great for sensitive skin, has very minimal taste/odor, and is ideal for use with any sex toy material. You'll also find that it works fabulously for both vaginal and anal penetration as it’s formulated to stay where it’s applied! What more could you ask for? 2oz and 4oz come in a handy tube while the 16oz ships in a convenient pump bottle. Slippery Stuff is manufactured by a women-owned and -operated business.

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Manufacturer's Information: glycerin-free, pH balanced, sterile, latex- and rubber-friendly. Vegan; no animal testing or animal by-products used in the manufacturing process. Recommended for use for diabetic, drug, radiation or age-related dryness. The gel formula is designed to be thick and to stay where it's applied, which is especially useful for anal play.

Ingredients: de-ionized water, polyoxyethylene, sodium carbomer, phenoxyethanol, ethylhexylglycerin*

*Ethylhexylglycerin is a synthetic compound derived from grains and plants used as an alternative preservative to parabens. It is chemically different from glycerin and unlikely to cause irritation. This paraben-free formula has been in use for over 8 years and has received very positive response.

Brand: Slippery Stuff

Product Details

Ingredients: de-ionized water, polyxyethlyene, sodium-carbomer, phenoxyethanol, ethlyhexyglycierin


  • water-based
  • now glycerin/paraben free
  • extra thick texture

Reviews & Ratings

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Customer Reviews
Slippery stuff is the right stuff - July 7, 2017
Reviewed By: Frieda

I am very sensitive to some ingredients including glycerine. I have had to deal with stinging and irritation. But not with slippery stuff. It is nice and thick so it lasts a while and can be used for all orafices. It doesn't have a taste and can be used for oral play. Thick enough for anal play. Great stuff!

Not super impressed - July 14, 2016
Reviewed By: EmJoy

I've been a long-time Astroglide user but was looking for something with a bit more staying power (primarily for vaginal sex). I also just wanted to try out new lubes because lube is one of humankind's great achievements and surely I can appreciate that fact better through a more varied experience.

This one came recommended so I thought I'd give it a try. As it is a gel it goes on thick, which I expected, but I was amazed at how quickly it was absorbed or evaporated. It quickly becomes tacky and I must apply more. To give my husband a hand-job I had to reapply three times. For my own masturbation, even with my wetness in the mix, I had to reapply twice. It gets sticky pretty quickly. I can't imagine using this for vigorous sex, especially anal sex.

On the plus side this lube has no taste whatsoever so does not cover up natural flavors and scents (this is a major plus in my book) and the bottle just looks like lotion so I can leave it by the bed without it attracting attention from my curious children.

I ordered other lubes to sample so the testing goes on...

Good, then not. - March 17, 2015
Reviewed By: ThatGirl

I purchased the tiny bottle to test this lube. I really liked it. So once it was finished, I purchased the large bottle. Now all of a sudden the product burns if I use it vaginally. It's fine on the outside, but I can't use it on any toys I intend to use for penetration. BUMMER! Not sure why I'm suddenly sensitive to the product. I bought both bottles from Good Vibes.
Now I have to hunt for a new lubricant.
But other that, it works well with toys. Not sticky, no flavor or smell.

Totally Awesome - October 28, 2012
Reviewed By: Pure Pleasure

This is not our first bottle of Slippery Stuff. This is pure pleasure at it's finest!! Since my wife is going trough "the change", it eliminates all the dry issues. It is great for solo, and bend over boy friend sex. It stays where you put it, easy clean up, and lasts. What we enjoy, it does not dry out. THANK YOU, Good Vibes!!!!!

The Best for Sensitivity - August 31, 2012
Reviewed By: Bonnita

I've tried just about every natural/glycerin free lube on this site because the standard lubes cause me serious discomfort. All of them burnt me or caused irritation as well, except Slippery Stuff and Pleasure Glide. Of these two, Slippery Stuff is my fav. The gel is great because it's non messy, won't spill all over your bed if you drop it in the heat of it with out closing the lid first. It just feels good.

Used by professionals - August 1, 2012
Reviewed By: Plain Jane

My doctor sent me to a top specialist in women's health ...and she uses Slippery Stuff. It really is a miracle lube.

Wonderful - May 12, 2012
Reviewed By: RD

This is a great water based lube that doesnt smell bad and doesnt taste bad. It works geat with the lube shooter for anal play. A must!

tried them all; this is the best - May 11, 2012
Reviewed By: threeormore

I love anal sex and multiple partner groups. My boyfriend and I tried a lot of lubes before we found this one. It's practically perfect. Water based, very long-lasting, very slick. No odor or flavor. Also, very reasonably priced. The gel can be a little stringy, but it's a very very small thing compared all its benefits. Works very well with condoms, which can chafe and drag when participating in anal sex, especially with many "guests."

Best lube on the market - April 14, 2012
Reviewed By: a person

This is hands-down the best lube I've ever tries. I've been using this for about 10 years. Stays put, doesn't irritate, is glycerine-free, compatible with all toys & condoms, and has a barely-detectable, non-offensive taste, so you can go from penetration (or hand, or whatever) to oral and your partner pretty much still tastes like your partner. Super A+.

It's great! - June 25, 2011
Reviewed By: Divine D

I love this stuff. The only complaint I have about it is that it tends to splash. Other than that it stays put wherever you put it.

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