Lifestyles Skyn Extra Studded

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Lifestyles Skyn Extra Studded

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These silicone-lubricated non-latex condoms are thin and easy to wear.

Single Condom
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These silicone-lubricated non-latex condoms are thin and easy to wear. But their real difference lies in their textured surface. For partners who want a wild ride during intercourse, the Skyn Intense offers a wave design with deep studs, guaranteeing more sensation than you can get from smooth-textured condoms.

Lifestyles Skyn Extra Studded
Non-latex condom - Polyisoprene
Features a wave design with intensely deep studs
A thin condom with texture/sensation
190mm length, 53 mm width, .070 thickness

Brand: Skyn

Product Details

Material: Polyisoprene
Texture: Studded
Length: 190 millimeters
Diameter: 53 millimeters
Thickness: 0.056 millimeters


  • Wave design with Studded texture.

Reviews & Ratings

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Customer Reviews
AMAZING, better than latex - January 25, 2015
Reviewed By: sol321

My partner and I were looking for a non-latex alternative to the Trojan Magnums because I'm pretty sure I have latex sensitivity. We tried Sir Richards and Durex but they were both too small and tight and had horrible elasticity. He ended up feeling like his penis was being constricted and more often than not it made sex end before it even began because of how difficult and awkward it was to try to get the non-latex condoms on.

Then we went into a Good Vibes store and a clerk recommended Skyn, saying that it is an ELASTIC non-latex option. We figured we'd buy one and give it a try.

Immediately when I opened it I could tell it was better than latex. The Magnums are an opaque, beige color, but these are completely transparent. The material just looked thinner and clear. I used some lube on his penis first and then went to put the condom on... and it ROLLED DOWN EASILY!

We were both shocked. Usually non-magnum condoms are too small for him and non-latex condoms have always been too small. This one stretched to fit his head/shaft while still being tighter at the base to prevent slipping.

We had vaginal sex and it was amazing! I could feel him so much better through the condom, so much that I reached down a few times to make sure it hadn't fallen off (it hadn't).

Let me tell you, folks, I love condoms because safe sex, but I HATE CONDOMS. At least, I used to. I am now 100% converted to Skyn condoms.

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