Kimono Micro Thin Large Condoms

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Kimono Micro Thin Large Condoms

For years we've seen thin condoms, and large condoms, but no thin and large condoms. Well, this just

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For years we've seen thin condoms, and large condoms, but no thin and large condoms. Well, this just in! -- the Kimono Micro Thin Large is only 55 microns thick (about half the thickness of a human hair) making it 25-45% thinner while offering 15% more length and 25% more headroom than an average condom. Providing maximum sensation with a silky texture -- it may feel like you're wearing nothing at all. Clear latex.

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Vendor Description

Kimono MicroThin LARGE intelligently combines a larger shaped condom with sheer thinness and ultimate strength. Designed for the discriminating consumer demanding the maximum in feeling, Kimono MicroThin LARGE offers a longer shaft and more head room.

Studies show that all penises are not the same size, and condoms that are too small break more often. Because size does matter, Kimono MicroThin LARGE offers a longer shaft, more head room and is 20-45% thinner than competitors’ thin condoms. Kimono MicroThin LARGE is the result of sophisticated Japanese engineering and special selected natural rubber latex processed with state of the art technology. The result is a larger, exceptionally reliable, and incredibly thin condom.

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Brand: Kimono

Product Details

Material: Latex
Color: Clear
Length: 195 millimeters
Diameter: 52 millimeters
Thickness: 0.055 millimeters


  • Vegan

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