Flirty Feather Mini Tickler

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Flirty Feather Mini Tickler

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Birds of a feather will do more than flock together with the Flirty Feather Mini Tickler.

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Birds of a feather will do more than flock together with the Flirty Feather Mini Tickler. This titillating tickler features a puff of feathery finery that’s perfect for a rousing session of sensation play. Simply run the Feather Tickler across your partner’s skin to softly stroke them into sensual submission. A full seven inches long, each Feather Tickler is equipped with a flexible yet sturdy handle to help you get to those hard to reach places. Fun and full of frisky, this Feather Tickler is a great way to get down and flirty.

Flirty Feather Mini Tickler
Soft turkey feathers, ABS plastic, rubber cap
7" total length (17.8cm)
Assorted colors, please let us choose

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Sportsheet, Sportsheets, Sport Sheet, Sport Sheets

Brand: Sportsheets

Product Details

Material: Plastic / Feathers
Color: Purple
Dimensions: 12" long


  • Beginner friendly
  • Travel size

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Customer Reviews
Okay, tickle each other.... then what? - May 15, 2013
Reviewed By: SwitchHitter

I got this as part of the Bondage Beginner Kit. In fact, I only got it because of the kit. I figured that since the other items were cheaper in the set, this would be a bonus experimental fun thing. Turns out not to be all that fun.

I bound my partner and blindfolded them. I gently ran it across various parts of their body, but they basically just laughed and squirmed in a non-sexy way. Same thing with roles switched. But we don't have a tickle fetish, so maybe there's that as well.

The Devil's Hair Teaser Rubber Flogger ended up being a much better tool for tickling and teasing. The cold rubber had more substance to it, and the sub can always be punished for twitching or making noises.

This feather tickler feels like a repurposed cat toy. It also shed feather bits, much like a cat sheds fur. At one point I got a feather bit in my throat and funtime came to a screeching halt as I hacked it out.

For the price, it's not a bad start for a foray into some light BSDM. I strongly suggest you get the Bondage Beginner Kit. At the least, you've got a blindfold and some wonderful bondage tape.

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