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Liberator Wedge

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The Liberator Wedge delivers a divine incline for deeper penetration and G-spot navigation.

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The Liberator® Wedge delivers a divine incline for deeper penetration and G-spot navigation. Liberator®’s patented sex cushion features a 27-degree angle which lifts the bottom partner’s pelvis or backside facilitating oral play, any anal experience and supporting every erotic experience. It’s also an extremely effective & enjoyable tool for those with limited mobility. The soft microfiber cover easily zips off and is machine washable. The inner foam core is encased in a water-resistant liner, so go ahead and play worry-free! The high-density foam supports the body and prevents sinking into a bed while offering angles for giving & receiving pleasure. The Wedge is designed to interlock with other Liberator® shapes with microfiber covers by providing some stay-in-place traction. Pair this marvel with the Ramp and custom-build your own personal pleasure playground! Your Liberator Wedge arrives vacuum compressed to reduce excess packaging. Made in the USA.

Liberator® Wedge
Blue, Black or Red machine-washable microfiber
14” x 7” x 24” (35.56cm x 17.78cm x 60.96cm)

Please Note: There will be a bulk item surcharge of $20 added to your order for extra handling fees when ordering Liberator items. We ship Liberator items from the same zip code as the Liberator facilities.

Brand: Liberator

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Customer Reviews
Didn't know what I was missing. - December 8, 2010
Reviewed By: Customer Review

I purchased the Ramp and Wedge and was surprised by how much strain they took off of difficult sex positions, I didn't even know how hard I was working. I highly recommend these for partners with back pain, both for sex and even as ergonomic furniture. They also make great bed-top furniture in my cramped San Francisco living quarters, not joke!

this is amazing! - December 8, 2010
Reviewed By: Customer Review

I LOVE the Wedge! It's amazingly comfortable and it makes all sorts of positions much easier to use. We've used it for g-spot play, prostate massage and sex positions and it rocks. It's also easy to clean and store.

why did we wait so long? - September 7, 2010
Reviewed By: GV Affiliate Reviews

Mr. Toy:

The first night we used this item pretty much sums it up, the most common two phrases used were: "Let's try…" and "Oh, that’s nice…" I think the list of possible uses for the Wedge are limited only by your imagination. I just do not really know what to say other than buy this. We used it with the Wedge under my hips and her on top where she really "felt" the rub on her clit, and her on bottom, face down where it raised her tush up to a nice level without her putting any effort into it. In some positions, it just reduced the strain, in others it increased the penetration or changed the angle, all for the better! This is a great thing for oral too, to either lift your head or prop up other bits, making it less awkward and easier to prolong the oral session.

I think this will probably end up our most used to for one main reason. You see, we like to watch movies in bed, and I have found that the Wedge makes a great backrest while watching the movies. What ends up happening is, I use it for movies or TV or reading, then if something happens (like last night) and we wind up fooling around, the Wedge ends up already on the bed, in reach and easy to throw down for some improved loving!

Mrs. Toy:

I have thought about getting one of these pillows before but kept feeling why spend money on it. Boy was I wrong about that. I can’t believe we waited so long to get one. Those of us with short legs might find it hard to straddle your partner and still have an easy time moving in ways that feel good. With this pillow, some positions that were a more difficult to achieve now become easy. Certain positions will take pressure off your back or place important body parts up a little higher to make everyone more comfortable. Who really wants a sore neck or back when you are supposed to be relaxing afterward? So many positions, so much fun to try.

--from our reviewers, Mr. & Mrs. Toy

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