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Brand: Tenga

Want to get down and dirty with something discreet and disposable? Try a Tenga! Made from recycled Read More

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Want to get down and dirty with something discreet and disposable? Try a Tenga! Made from recycled plastics, these innovative single-use, male masturbation toys provide a vacuum sensation without any motors or pumps. Flexible shells are filled with elastomer sleeves. The textured interior completely covers the penis, while the exterior air hole can be used to control suction. A reservoir of water-based lube keeps the point of entry slick. Feel the reversible ribs as you enter the “brushing zone,” designed to deliver pleasure on both the way in and the way out. Nubs of assorted sizes combine to create a symphony of stimulation. Squeeze the shell for a tighter fit.

Tenga Squeeze Play Sleeve
White Elastomer with a White Plastic Shell
6 1/2” long, 2 1/2” in diameter

Tenga Squeeze Play

Brand: Tenga


  • Latex-free

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Customer Reviews
Too Small - October 7, 2010
Reviewed By: RD

Great sensations but way too small for me.

An awesome inexpensive toy that is REUSABLE if you are willing to take it apart to clean it - November 28, 2009
Reviewed By: Frequent Penetrator

I tried both the Tenga Lip Service and the Tenga Squeeze Play, and even the Fleshlight, and I must say I like the Tenga sleeves much better. The Tenga felt better to penetrate and to stroke, and was not as bulky. (I can't say if it is better than the other Fleshlight textures since I haven't tried them.) The stroking sensation is extremely interesting, since the texture changes several times along the length of the inside of the sleeve.

The biggest gripe I see in the reviews of this toy is that it is sold as a disposable "single use only" toy that's impossible to clean--unless you use a condom, which I tried, and do not recommend. It doesn't feel nearly as good with a condom on.

Well, it turns out the Tenga is NOT single use if you're willing to take it apart. The reason it is single use is that the company doesn't show you any easy way of cleaning it, hoping you'll keep buying new ones. Well, I googled "How to clean a tenga" and the first hit was an illustrated explanation of how to clean one of these for re-use. You pretty much re-use it the same way you'd re-use a Fleshlight: take the retaining ring off (kinda tricky), take the sleeve out, rinse it clean, and let it dry. Re-lube before using. I suppose the sleeve could even be warmed up fleshlight-style for a more enjoyable sensation if you soak the sleeve in hot water before re-assembling it.

Considering how cheap the Tenga is compared to the Fleshlight ($16-18 vs. $60-80 for the Fleshlight), and considering the fact that the device can be easily hacked for re-use, I say this device beats the Fleshlight hands-down/cocks up.

(Of the two, I like the Lip Service Tenga better due to the stronger suction, but this one lets you squeeze the sleeve through the case, so it's really up to your preference.)

well-lubricated - August 10, 2009
Reviewed By: Reviews

If you've ever used a jackoff sleeve before, you will know all too well that you've got to stop every so often to add more lube. Not with the Tenga!
– Muscle Squirt, of CarnalNation.com

pretty darned good - August 10, 2009
Reviewed By: Reviews

This thing feels pretty darned good, both going in and out.
– Holden Bishop, of CarnalNation.com

spinning and rotating - August 10, 2009
Reviewed By: Reviews

Over the course of my play, I discovered that my favorite motion (more than the varying squeezes) was spinning or rotating the Tenga. Now that’s not a sensation you get everyday!
– Jack Hoffman, of CarnalNation.com

Great, but tough to justify - July 30, 2009
Reviewed By: ragnard

Excellent. Good shape and really well thought out. Thoroughly enjoyable and nearly a "real" experience. However, as others have posted, the fact that this costs as much as it does for one use really makes it difficult to justify as anything other than a one-time novelty.

Buyer beware!!!!! - June 22, 2009
Reviewed By: Bathel

I just received this item today and to my shock, THIS IS A ONE TIME USE ITEM. BEWARE... YOU are spending 16 dollars on a one time use. THIS SHOULD HAVE BEEN NOTED PRIOR TO MY PURCHASE.

feels good, but *single-use* is kind of a bummer - June 21, 2009
Reviewed By: sybarite

OK, no question, these things (both the "Squeeze Play" and "Lip Service" variants) feel great. Tactile sensation is closer to "the real thing" than any other toy I've tried, and I've tried a few. However, these are designed to be *single-use* disposable toys -- you can't really clean 'em, which means that your cost per orgasm is waaay up there when compared to, say, the "Handy Sleeve" which bears roughly the same purchase price but has a much longer, ah, service life... Maybe if one could get a case discount or something on the Tengas? :-)

WOWWWWWWWW - May 25, 2009


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