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Brand: Good Vibrations Toys

Whoever said butterflies were fragile never met these little beasts. Perfect for power play, these Read More

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Whoever said butterflies were fragile never met these little beasts. Perfect for power play, these ingenious clamps tighten as the wearer pulls against them while the weight of the chain provides added sensation. Not for beginners, these clamps have small points of contact and really pinch, especially on larger nipples. Don’t let their sweet sounding name fool you; these butterflies are ready to take your nipple play to the next level. Are you ready?

Approximately 12” chain.

Brand: Good Vibrations Toys


  • Non-adjustable
  • Not ideal for Beginners

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Customer Reviews
Gorgeous Design! - March 8, 2014
Reviewed By: Eirene Arke

I forgot to mention that they are Beautiful and look absolutely Fabulous while you're wearing them! They are very large - the clamps themselves are a little bit longer than my middle finger. They weigh quite a bit, and the chain adds extra weight - both of which are important factors in terms of the effect while wearing them. The chain just goes from one to the other - just enough for someone to pull on both of them at the same time - not a lot of dangling chain to get in your way. You could easily add extra weight to the chain - in the form of "jewels" for example, from any bead store, if you are even marginally handy with crafting. I will probably do this soon as I think they will be even prettier, customized! Even more exquisite & intense than the experience of wearing them is the startling sensation in that initial instant when they come off! :D LOVE them!

Pure Pain/Pleasure! - March 8, 2014
Reviewed By: Eirene Arke

These are, as noted by others, extremely intense! :D You cna use them over a T shirt, if need be, to start getting used to them. Even over clothing, they pack a serious "bite"! :D Really LOVE them! Best nipple clamps I've ever used. They stay put & are very sturdy & clamp down Hard! Someone else mentioned adjusting them with pliers & I think I can see how you'd do that, if need be. But as I say, I tried wearing them over a thin T-shirt and that took care of the issue o being too intense. I'm sure I will work up to them & will be enjoying them against my bare flesh, soon! :D They have a really nice gripping tip, which is unusual, IME. I have had many pairs of nipple clamps over the years - these are my absolute favorites & I will not be buying any other type from now on! :D

Intense - November 16, 2011
Reviewed By: L DeMedici

We tried these straight out of the box. Neither me nor my wife could handle them. We both really like nipple play and aren't afraid of a little pain. In fact, I have had pierced nipples and loved it. Were kinda bummed, but I decided to take action, because I wanted to like these little guys... they look sort of menacing, and the idea of being able to tighten them with a pull of the chain (which has more heft than most sets of nipple clips)is very appealing. So, after a little adjustment with a handy dandy pliers, these are good to go. Pretty easy to modify, just do it slowly as the metal is thin and cheap; you wouldn't want to crack it. Now, they're just right!

I'll never go back to tweezer clamps! - December 8, 2010
Reviewed By: Customer Review

I've always used tweezer clamps in my nipple play. I recently replaced my old clamps with these wonderful butterfly clamps. I have a high pain threshold ... and these babies are fantastic. They really do hurt. I've had a wide variety of clamps and clips on my nipples and breasts, and this is by far the most intense clamping feeling. They pinch tightly. Also, Master can pull on the chain, and they tighten. They are very good quality. The pads on the clamp are nice and thick, so the metal doesn't come into contact with my skin. The mechanism works very well, as well. It works very smoothly, which is good for when removing them.

These things are huge! - February 6, 2010
Reviewed By: tomsbabe

Do yourself a favor and break out the measuring tape before order these. They look small in the picture but are nearly as big as the palm of my hand. They get in the way and are very awkward. Also, they are just too tight for me. I've used other nipple clamps and wanted to upgrade to something stronger but even at their weakest they are too tight. If you think you want something really tight, ok, but still check the measurements first.

Little Darlings Not Beasts At All ! - July 6, 2009
Reviewed By: angelgiving

So they Pinch.
It's not pain, it is stimulation.
Anyone who has pierced ears or a tattoo or has been to the dentist for something more than a cleaning, will have no problem handling the pinching sensation.
Hours of stay-put, clip-on jewelery fun!

Simply Lovely - August 17, 2008
Reviewed By: Tropical Fool

The first clamp I've found that really does the job. Not for the faint of heart, but they give a wonderful tight firm pinch -- and best of all they tighten when you pull the chain. If you're tired of clamps that come off, or just don't give enough zing, these are the clamps for you. They're a little bigger than I expected, but not unattractive & best of all the come off as quick and easy as they go on.

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