Handy Flogger

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Handy Flogger

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  • Handmade leather flogger
  • Rubber wrapped handle
  • Top-grain cowhide tails
  • Weighted and balanced handle
  • Easy to swing
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Invest in a high-quality flogger without breaking the bank with this black cowhide flogger. At 14 inches long, Handy Flogger is a manageable size for beginners and experienced players alike. Keep your grip firm with the durable 6” long rubber-wrapped handle, studded with heavy-duty upholstery tacks, while the 22 tails deliver a range of sensation from a gentle thump to a moderate sting.

This flogger is petite with a punch! I love this little flogger, with plenty of sass and sensation. I think it is an excellent beginner-to-advanced tool to enhance any BDSM bedroom set. This is an excellent flogger for short-range close body contact flogging. The handle could also be used as an impact tool. The two-tone color combinations and soft leather are remarkable and fun, making this a must-have flogger for (almost) every occasion! – Sex Educator Sales Associate

Brand: Bare Leatherworks

Product Details

Material: Cowhide Leather
Color: Red / Black or Purple / Black or Blue / Black or Black
Length: 14 inches
Diameter: 1.5 inches
Dimensions: 14"


  • Made in the USA
  • Handmade

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Customer Reviews
Sexy but not so effective... - February 5, 2010
Reviewed By: terra

The design for this thing is beautiful - just looking at it can start to make me hot. However the leather is too light for the flogger to give any intensity to the sensation. If you are just going for the image, this is perfect. If you actually want a little bit of pain, you will get a stronger sensation out of a bare-handed spanking.

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