Stallion Vibrating Thigh Harness

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New to our product line.Waterproof/Water-resistant toy or books.

Brand: Sportsheets

Straddle your favorite thigh and ride all night with this ingenious dildo harness, complete with a built-in vibrator! Read More

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Straddle your favorite thigh and ride all night with this ingenious dildo harness, complete with a built-in vibrator! (And if nobody's offering their lap, use a pillow, a bolster, or a bench.) Sturdy and stretchy material fits any thigh up to 30" (76 cm) in size with nylon web straps that close with plastic buckles. The 2" metal O ring accommodates most flared-base dildos, and snaps out so you can add a larger ring if you want to use a dildo with more girth. A great toy for those with mobility issues, since some people can't easily thrust or spread their legs as widely as might be needed with a pelvis-mounted harness.

Stallion Vibrating Thigh Harness
Machine washable
Removable bullet vibe and O ring included
Black elastic with nylon webbing
15” x 5” with 18” straps
(38.1cm x 12.7cm, with 45.72cm straps)

Care and Cleaning

Sportsheet, Sportsheets, Sport Sheet, Sport Sheets

Brand: Sportsheets


  • Latex-free
  • Vibrating Option
  • Made in USA
  • Vibrator included.
  • Nickel-Free
  • Vegan

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Customer Reviews
lots of ways to play - October 19, 2011
Reviewed By: GV Affiliate Reviews

There are about a million different reasons why I like this particular harness.

#1- You can use any dildo you want with it. Even most of the big boys. The dildo fits easily into the little metal ring and it always looks snazzy there.

#2- The vibrating bullet that fits into a little pouch on the harness is great, but if it's not your cup of tea, you can remove it or replace it with a small vibe that you like.

#3- You don't even have to use the harness with someone's thigh. You can use it around a pillow or anywhere else that you can get it to stay put.

#4- I like things that are a little different and this product is definitely a little different.

I used the harness in a few different ways. I tried it with a few different dildos, a few different settings, and on a thigh, a pillow, an entire mound of pillows, and on a small stool. Yup. I took your average everyday footstool, covered it in a cushiony cloth, put a small pillow on top, then strapped the harness to it. This, my friends, is how you make your very own, homemade, toy mount.

--from our reviewer, Rhiannon Mills

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