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Brand: Good Vibrations Toys

Looking to give your Kegels an extra workout? This fantastic bead system combines pleasure and Read More

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Looking to give your Kegels an extra workout? This fantastic bead system combines pleasure and fitness while offering the benefit of increasing resistance over time as you exercise your kegel and pelvic floor muscles. The beads include four balls that can be individually inserted into the silicone girdle, which allows you to customize your experience as your muscles continue to tighten (starting with one or two pink and moving up to the blues). Exercising your kegel muscles can lead to enhanced sensation and more intense orgasms, but they also increase neuromuscular control and helps restrain and prevent stress incontinence. As with all the items in the LELO line, the Luna Beads are crafted to not only be effective but look great.

Included with the beads are a manual, gift box, satin pouch, and a 1-year LELO warranty.
Girdle is 89 x 35 x 16 mm, petal pink balls are 28 grams, powder blue balls are 37 grams.
The girdle is white medical-grade silicone, and the balls are petal pink and powder blue PC-ABS.

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Brand: Good Vibrations Toys

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Customer Reviews
Bang for your buck! - October 27, 2010
Reviewed By: Charlie D

This is by far the most versatile kegel exerciser I’ve seen. The ability to mix and match the weights allows you to gradually move up in weight making the muscles stronger. Then once you get up to 2 blue weights (the heaviest in the set) you can put a combination of 3 weights in a condom and then use the condom to pull them all out!

la reina de los todos - April 3, 2010
Reviewed By: la reina de la todos

I am updating my last review. I thought I had a yeast infection or something, but had no discharge or itching. Just an incredibly nasty smell. The other day at work I removed these balls. I separated, cleaned and dried them, and stuck them in my pocket. I have always disassembled, washed, and air dried these balls as specified by the manufacturer. My vagina does not smell. It is the white gasket that surrounds the balls. Smells like spoiled meat or something. I've had these things maybe a month now, use them 2-3 hours about 3 times a week except during menstruation. They have just become downright nasty. I need to find another product.

Yeah, whatever. - March 1, 2010
Reviewed By: la reina de la todos

This beads do provide a pleasant sensation as well as providing exercise for stress incontinence. So far, so good.
Now, the kind of not so good. The string that holds the beads in place is narrower than a tampon string, and possibly more fragile. (Hey, I could get the thing out if the string broke, but who wants to go phishing?) String is not coated with silicone, so any mid-cycle bleeding will stain it. (In other words, looks gross after a while.) Beads are smooth and nicely weighted. I like the option of varying the weights depending on needs on any given day. However, if you do not put them in the holder so that the silicone covers the seam, they do get moisture inside. Also, if you choose to use only one weight to begin with, the unused end of the ball holder kind of collects fluids and gets a little, well...
In other words, it works for stress incontinence and pleasure, does what it says it will, but has some design flaws which make it a bit grody.

stronger PC muscles - August 10, 2009
Reviewed By: Reviews

I definitely recommend the Luna Bead Pleasure System. Not only does it help firm up your vaginal and pelvic floor muscles, it also feels good and encourages physical activity. I’ve cleaned the house using them, walked the dogs using them, and have even used my neglected elliptical machine on a regular basis with them. And my husband is certainly not complaining. He finds it amusing to watch me exaggerate every movement, so I can intensify the sensation of the vibration. And he enjoys my stronger PC muscles.
– June Valentine, of

shut the f*ck up! - April 24, 2009

Omg the luna beads are the best toy out there!!!! Girllllll I am so serious I was vacuuming my house with these bad boys in and it was AMAZING! My house has never been cleaner. Just pour a little lube on them and slip them in your pussy and have the time of yo life! Tonight, i'm going out dancin!

Loony about Luna Beads! - February 12, 2009
Reviewed By: nyx

Luna Beads are an essential part of a Kegel exercise routine. These weighted balls are inserted vaginally and held in place with contractions of the PC muscles. Each set includes four balls, two 27 grams in petal pink and two 37 grams in powder blue, and an interchangeable silicone girdle. These can be mixed and matched, used in a pair or as a single ball. Unlike other Kegelcisers, the Luna Bead system offers a variety of weight resistances, which can be graduated for a more strenuous workout.

To begin, start with an empty bladder. Insert the desired weighted Luna Beads. Contract and relax the PC muscles in short intervals until the muscles tire. Experiment with the type of contraction. Try quick compressions followed by longer squeezes. At first, you may want to use a lighter weight during shorter sessions. After increasing resistance, you can graduate to a heavier weight and lengthier intervals. Many books include information on and offer variations of Kegel routines. Check out chapter six "Fitness and Exercise: Our Bodies, Ourselves, Our Sex Lives" in Joan Price’s "Better Than I Ever Expected" (also available from Good Vibrations). Learn how to enhance your horizontal workouts and “zip up” your pelvic floor.

While you may want to dedicate a few days a week to Kegel training, you can actually exercise your PC muscles anytime doing everyday activities. Due to their specific design, Luna Beads can be worn while out walking, or give you a workout while doing housework.

Benefits of exercising with the Luna Bead system include increased blood flow to the vaginal area, as well as increased orgasm frequency and intensity. For mothers-to-be, conditioned muscles make birth easier, improving delivery during and more likely leaving your perineum intact (with fewer tears and episiotomies). Strengthening the vaginal canal after childbirth can help control over urination, prevent pelvic muscle prolapses and other problems associated with aging. However, having toned PC muscles increases sexual confidence at age!

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