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Cancer can be a life-altering experience and many people find that the disease and/or its treatments affect their sexual sensation, desire, or confidence. But we carry a range of products and informational resources to help you or a loved one cope with the intimate effects of cancer, and in fact thrive. For thoughtful and encouraging words from one who’s been there, try Sexy After Cancer.

For those whose genital comfort is affected, we offer a variety of lubricants. Stimulating vibrators and arousers, Kegel exercisers that help you regain your sexual health, dilators for those who need their support for returning to insertive sex after cancer treatments: with an open mind and a sense of exploration, you can re-discover old pleasures and add new ones to your repertoire. Don’t forget the healing powers of masturbation! Learn the ways your body’s sensations work now, with or without a partner.

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