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G-Marks The Spot®


You've probably heard about a magic female orgasm button called the G-spot. Well, let it be known that there is no "magic pill" for instant or gratifying orgasms. While many experiment with curved dildos and vibrators for G-spot stimulation agree that their orgasms are intensified greatly, there is no one sex toy for instant or gratifying orgasms. Many also experience Female Ejaculation with G-spot stimulation. G-spots do exist and we encourage you to experiment with the many G-spot stimulation techniques and positions.

The G-spot is another name for the periurethral sponge, the ring of spongy erectile tissue that surrounds the urethral opening (where urine leaves the body). The G-spot is located just inside the vagina on the front wall of the vaginal barrel (about one to two inches inside, toward the bellybutton). To find the G-spot, apply a Lubricant to your fingers and insert them, making a "come hither" motion with your fingers. The G-spot may be easier to find when aroused by G-spot Sex Toys or foreplay with body and massage toys because then it swells and becomes firm to the touch.

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