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Good Vibrations Sex Toys: Guide to Sex and DisabilityThe usefulness of any sex toy guide can only be measured by your own preferences for stimulation, just as a list for folks with disabilities is dependent upon addressing individual mobility concerns. The adult industry manufacturers have yet to develop a line geared towards disabled use. But in the meantime, we've found some creative ways to use the products we offer -- with a little help from customers who have shared their input in adapting items to meet their needs. Please call us for more specific information (at 1-800-289-8423); we'll be happy to answer any questions. We hope you can use our suggestions as a springboard for your pleasure!

Vibrators can supply the necessary stimulation or reach when a hand is unable. When considering vibrators, keep in mind their differences. Electric vibes have cords and deliver powerful vibrations, while the battery and rechargeable vibes are cordless and have gentler sensations. For penetration with vibration, attachments fit onto the heads of all our wand-style vibrators and convert them for vaginal and anal penetration, as well as G-spot and focused clitoral stimulation.

If you tend to be incontinent, you might want to choose a vibe that is rechargeable, uses batteries or is waterproof, as urine conducts electricity just as water would, making electric models a bit risky. Some people find that embedding the handle of a vibrator in a Nerf ball or piece of foam rubber makes it much easier to hold on to.

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