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Anal play can be incredibly pleasurable -- the anal opening is full of sensitive nerve endings that respond pleasurably to stimulation. In women, the clitoral legs beneath the skin's surface reach all the way to the anus, heightening pleasure. In men, the prostate gland resides just inside the anal opening, toward the front of the body, and many men say that orgasms that include prostate stimulation are powerful and focused.

The notion of anal stimulation brings up fears and taboos for many people. Pain is at the top of the list, and we're here to assure you that anal penetration, when done correctly, is not painful and feels delightful. To minimize discomfort, always go very slow and take the time to relax your sphincter. It helps if you're already aroused when you begin. With whatever you use for penetration, start small, and always use plenty of lubricant. If you experience pain, then either a) you're going too fast, b) you need more lube, c) you're not relaxed or turned on enough, or d) you may still be feeling unsure. Learn the facts about anal with our Anal Sex How To Artcles.

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