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Sex Tips & Tricks

Keeping It Down While Getting Down
By: Good Vibrations - 11/27/2019
Loud, raucous sex can be a lot of fun, but sometimes- it’s just not on the menu.
Putting the Pro in Prostate!
By: Good Vibrations - 11/27/2019
Did you know regular stimulation of the prostate can be good for prostate health?
Booty Basics
By: Good Vibrations - 11/27/2019
From pegging to plugs, prostates to penetration, and more, anal play comes in so many different forms.
Dirty Fun, Clean Toys
By: Good Vibrations - 11/27/2019
With all the different materials being used in toys it can be hard to keep track of which ones are which.
Squirting: The Other Way to Get Wet!
By: Good Vibrations - 11/25/2019
Squirting! AKA “female” ejaculation (though no need to gender it).
Spank You Very Much
By: Good Vibrations - 10/17/2019
The thud of a paddle, the sting of a crop, the slap of an open hand...
Scary Sex Myths
By: Good Vibrations - 10/17/2019
October is the perfect time for all things spooky and scary, and at Good Vibes we find one thing scarier than anything else--sexual health misinformation.