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The Peak of Pleasure

By: Good Vibrations


Getting to know the small but mighty prostate gland

Prostate play is always a popular topic with our customers! Especially since regular stimulation of it can provide a two-for one, offering tons of pleasure—and it can be good for prostate health! Yet many people still haven’t made the acquaintance of their own (or a partner’s) prostate. So, allow us to introduce you!

The prostate is sometimes referred to as the “male” g-spot (though no need to gender it because folks of all genders can have prostates) because of its association with providing intense orgasms, and that’s much more than a coincidence. The prostata femina, a.k.a the g-spot, develops from the same tissue as the prostate. As far as pleasure is concerned, they function basically the same way!

Regardless of the gender and anatomy of the person searching for this erogenous zone, the prostate gland is located just under the bladder and is wrapped around the urethra—it’s not inside of the anus or vagina, but through the body wall and easiest to stimulate from inside. From anal insertion, It's felt just on the other side of the rectal wall—it’s especially close in those assigned male at birth (AMAB). For folks assigned female at birth, entering through the vagina may give you more direct access via the front vaginal wall. Today we’re headed through the back door and focusing on rear entry—here are our tips and tricks.

Remember, “The Key to Pleasurable Anal Sensation is Relaxation, Communication, and Lubrication.”

When it comes to anal play, when the body and mind are at ease, the muscles around the anus begin to relax. And since the anus doesn’t self lubricate, you’re gonna need to keep some lube handy to keep things comfortable. 

Start by making sure the person with the anus is interested in exploring it! Arousal will naturally aid in relaxation and pleasurable anticipation. Keep in mind however that some people will just not be interested, and that’s perfectly ok, too, just play elsewhere!

Got the go-ahead? Great! Gently massage the anus with the flat pad of your well-lubricated finger. As the sphincter muscles relax you can actually see the anus move outward, it almost looks like it’s blowing a little kiss! Let the massage evolve into a gentle glide inward – gentle and slow, tip in, don’t poke. If anal insertion meets with approval, lube up even more and gently slide your finger about two inches in (it could be further for some bodies). Curve it toward the belly – there lies the prostate. This is why many prostate toys often are shorter and curved vs long and straight (see below).

Arousal can also play a role in locating it, since the p-spot feels different from the surrounding area and the more turned on the person is, the more pronounced it becomes. (Arousal is really a must for any penetration!) Many people enjoy stroking sensations here like the classic curved, rhythmic “come hither” motion. You might also like pressure, vibration, or even tapping.

It’s not uncommon for penises to lose their firmness while the anus is being stimulated, but that’s less to do with levels of arousal and more to do with the blood flow moving towards the center of pleasure and stimulation. Stroking of the prostate is often so pleasurable that it can cause clear prostatic fluid to drip from the urethra. In fact, orgasm may still result from direct stimulation of the p-spot, which may lead to ejaculation regardless of erection. Want to keep the energy going in the front and back? Try adding some oral play or a hand job while pleasuring that prostate- now that’s a party for sure!

Pro(state) Tip: In addition to making sure your hands are well groomed and/or manicured, gloves can help smooth out any sharpness of your nails and cuticles so you’re less likely of scratching anyone accidentally, and makes for less mess when you’re lubing up or cleaning up. 

So check out why the p-spot is a preferred spot for pleasure by many, regardless of orientation or gender identity!