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The 5 Love Languages of Sex Toys

By: Good Vibrations

By this point you've probably heard of the term "love languages" and maybe you can even remember all 5 of them! But for many of us, it's confusing to wrap our heads around which, if any, really "defines" us or a partner. And is this more about how we like to give love, or receive it?

Romance Love GIF by HannahWitton

The 5 Love Languages are classified as:

         Words of Affirmation

         Acts of Service


         Quality Time

         Physical Touch

While one person might feel the most love from receiving kind words, someone else might feel love is most clearly shown in quality time spent together. The idea is that there is no right way to show affection using these langauges, but knowing what you/your person may respond to may help in understanding and communicating desires and expectations between partners.

Most people have an easier time understanding them when used in an example so we figured the perfect context to try would be sex toys!

Words of Affirmation 馃棧锔

"You look so sexy when you use your Pure Wand."

"I like fucking myself for you."

This is a great place to practice communication and use your dirty, dirty, words. Helping you show your partner that you鈥檙e really enjoying what you鈥檙e doing together and for each other.

Acts of Service 馃拋

"Can I use your Magic Wand on you?"

"I put your We-Vibe Tango back on the charger last night."

Are you someone always down for the task? A people pleaser if you will. This is your time to shine! Show you care by helping them enjoy their day and their orgasms.

Gifts 馃巵

"Can I get you that new Tenga Sleeve?"

"Can I make you a video of me on the Cowgirl?"

Not everyone can be a sugar mama or even a Splenda daddy, but if you like to spoil your sweetie with sweetness you can do so at any budget.

Quality Time 

"Can we spend all morning together in bed with our sex toys?"

"I really wanna try my remote control we-vibe with you outside today."

Time is indeed valuable, and giving it to those we care about can be a huge gesture of intimacy. Using sex toys and products together can be a great way of showing intentionality and thought put into you and your partner's pleasure.

Physical Touch 馃憪

"I want to explore your whole body while you're in the under the bed restraints."

"I love feeling your hands all over me while I use my vibe."

Sometimes the best way to feel something is by simply touching it. In a time where many of us may be feeling "touch starved," the simple gesture of feeling someone's hand on our shoulders as we cook or to have a warm body to snuggle against can feel electric. Sharing and maintaining touch, even when (maybe even especially when) using sex toys together can take that same spark to new heights.

Did any of these resonate more for you? Maybe even different ones for different people in your life? If so, maybe it's time to bust out the Yes/No/Maybe list and start thinking of ways you'd like to experience even more love in your life.