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Sex Toy Travel Tips!

By: Good Vibrations

Bags are packed, e-mail auto reply is set... and you've got your vaxx card and plenty of mask. You've embraced mindful meditation and deep breathing so you can stay chill at the airport. Yep, you/re just about ready to take off on that long-anticipated vacation, but don't forget to add one last category to your pack list:

You guessed it, sex toys.

Safety Dance Travel GIF by Alaska Airlines

Vacations are a time to relax, unwind, and enjoy some well-deserved me (or us) time- so why not add to those feel-good vibes with some added sexy fun? According to a recent study by a global travel company, more than 50% of travelers said that they're more likely to get it on while on vacation than they are at home, and it was also shown that traveling in general can be a great boost to your sex drive!

Traveling with sex toys doesn't have to be tricky- here's our top tips for flying with your favorite buzzing accessories:

🧳 Check It 
Pack toys in your checked luggage in a clear plastic bag, on top of clothes + other items- so if they come up on the scanner, TSA doesn't have to go digging through your stuff, and the clear plastic bag can prevent direct handling of your precious bedside friends.

🧳 Keep it Discreet (if you want) 
If you’re bringing your toys in a carry-on and don’t want to have awkward eye contact with a TSA agent brandishing your realistic dildo- try something that doesn't obviously look like a sex toy to the untrained eye. Toys come in all shapes and sizes- like the lipstick-sized Tango X, or the Womanizer Liberty which comes with a built-in case. But if you do get snagged by an agent questioning your toys, remember- it’s nothing they haven’t seen before, and there is no shame in prioritizing your pleasure whether at home or away!

🧳 Don’t Cause a Buzz 
For vibes and other toys that make noise- make sure that batteries are taken out and stored separately. For rechargeable toys, either wear out the charge before traveling (just don’t forget to pack the charger!) or see if your toy comes with a travel lock, which many now do!

🧳 Portion Control 
Many airlines restrict bringing liquids in containers over 3.4 ounces. Lots of great brands like Please and Sliquid offer handy 2oz sizes of their products, or you can get an empty travel container and fill it up with your favorite lubricant from home (just make sure it’s sealed tight before take-off!).

🧳 Know the Rules 
For solid glass or metal dildos, and many BDSM toys, especially items that could be considered weapons- like Wartenberg wheels, e-stim devices, or impact toys- understand that these items may be confiscated for safety, and could compromise your trip. Also, always keep in mind where you’re headed off to- some countries have restrictions on and laws against the possession of sex toys, no matter how small or discreet your pleasure products are. In some cases, shipping them to your destination might be the best bet. 

Remember, friends, no matter where you travel, pleasure awaits! Enjoy your trip. 


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