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Out & About: Public Play

By: Good Vibrations

OutsideIt's a really common fantasy--sneaking a quickie when you're out and about. You can make it come true, too--if you consider a few important things and equip yourself for hot play before you go out.

Location Location Location

First, unless you're looking for voyeurs at a sex party, where they are very easy to find--and play parties are a form of public sex--you will need to consider the consent status of not only your partner but of anyone who might be able to see you. You'll want to explore where you won't be visible to those who didn't consent to being a part of this scene such as strangers nearby. Also, public sex can get you arrested in many places.

That means it's simplest to try to pull off that public play where others can't see you, so think about your options. Get in the habit of looking for likely places: behind a wall (or a big tree!) in the park. A stairwell where it's dimly lit. At night, far enough from other people that they can't see what you're doing. In a parked car at a good distance from others. You don't have to be outside to have public sex, though it's very sexy to feel the breeze on body parts that are usually hidden away in pants. If you're lucky enough to have a secluded yard, just make sure you put sunscreen everywhere!  

Dress for Success 

Think of clothing you could easily maneuver out of (and put back on fast if someone is coming down the path). Flipping up a skirt with no panties is a classic move. Zipping down a fly and exposing a dick (or pack & play dildo). Pulling down stretch-top pants or leggings that can be pulled back up quickly if you need to.

Pack the Essentials 

A spare jacket or small light blanket could be a game changer if you end up on the grass or bent over a stone wall that's just the right height. Sample packets of lube fit easily in your pocket when you need some slickness for the quickness. And even if you and your partner swap fluids, using barriers like condoms and gloves can make for easy clean-up when you can't find a nearby bathroom to wash your hands or other parts. Tossing in some individually packaged wipes in your bag too always comes in clutch. 

And Don't Forget the Toys 

Remote and app controlled vibes are perfect for public play! Vibes like the We-Vibe Moxie and the Vector+ allow for comfortable and discreet wear, out and about. This can make that long walk on the beach a short swipe away from orgasm. Or if you're looking for a way to wear your toy in plain view without getting raised eyebrows, the Vesper by Crave can be worn during the date and used to explore the body more when no one is around.  

Good luck finding your perfect outdoor spot! Learn to spot poison oak and ivy if you're heading into the bushes, and have a sexy time out there!