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More Scary Sex Myths to Keep You Up at Night

By: Good Vibrations

It's that time of the year again when the thing that haunts sex educators is very much alive...

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Sexual misinformation runs rampant these days over the internet and social media, causing us to miss out on all the quality pleasure we deserve. Here are more of the Scary Sex Myths that keep us up at night.

😨Myth: A bigger penis/long-lasting erection is what your partner needs to orgasm.

Don’t take those email spam messages so seriously! Though many partners do have preferences around penis size, “large” isn’t always the box they tick! For many who experience penetration, too big can be too much and even painful. Since orgasm for most people with vulvas is largely focused on adequate clitoral stimulation, the size of the toy or body part may play a role in enjoyment, but clit play is generally more crucial. And lasting a long time during intercourse might be great fun—unless it goes on longer than a partner finds comfortable! When lubrication wanes and the vagina or anus begins to feel sore because thrusting has gone on so long, that is not a recipe for orgasmic sex.   

😨Myth: Numbing creams for oral or anal are safe.

When you numb out your body's way of telling you that something is wrong, you're not actually preventing damage simply because you don't feel it. Folks end up doing real bodily harm under the use of numbing agents when instead they could just get some helpful tips and hints on making anal or oral sex more pleasurable. Also, whatever is being inserted into the numb area will also absorb the numbing agent too, often causing numbness for both partners. We want your sex to feel good! Starting slowly with a nice anal trainer kit or a good head sleeve makes for a much more pleasurable experience. 

😨Myth: There are only two sexes (and they're opposites!).

Sex and gender are so often discussed in binary terms—you’re either male or female. But many people don’t feel that this binary covers their experience, and science is on their side. There are not just XX and XY chromosome patterns. “Male” and “female” hormones are present in all people in varying amounts. Those supposedly “opposite” genitals have more in common than we are taught: the penis and clitoris develop from the same tissue, so do the G-spot and prostate, the outer labia and the scrotum, and more. (This is especially notable in intersex people—but it’s true of everyone.) We simply are NOT opposites, there are more sexes/genders than two, and arguing otherwise mostly makes it harder for us to understand each other. Let’s be people, people!

😨Myth: Squirt is just pee.

Ejaculation for folks with vulvas, sometimes referred to as squirting or even “female ejaculation” (though no need to gender it) is the name of releasing fluid from the urethra, largely associated with G-spot stimulation and orgasmic expulsion. This fluid comes largely from the prostata femina, or G-Spot, not primarily from the bladder. But the myth persists that it’s pee, even though it has been found to have a different chemical composition than urine does. 

😨Myth: Sex toys are just for single people.

People love to make assumptions that only single people masturbate or are “in need” of sex toys when in reality folks often buy new toys equally at the start and end of relationships. Sometimes having partners to fantasize about or experiences to replay is what inspires one to masturbate. There are also times where being single is the perfect time to reconnect to your body and remember the power and secrets of stimulation that you hold. And whether you’re looking for something to use together or solo, we have some great toys for that. 

😨Myth: Anal sex is _____ (gross, "gay", harmful, and everything else folks tend to say about butt stuff).

Anal seems to get no respect! What other sex act has more haters? From fear of pain and poo to the sexist and homophobic notion that putting something inside your body (or enjoying it when you're the receptive partner) makes you “submissive” or “unmanly”-- enough with all that uninformed anal attitude! The simple truths are: anal sex doesn't need to hurt, anyone with a butt regardless of gender or sexual orientation can partake in some form of anal sensation, and for most people it can be done in very hygienic and safe ways that bring no harm to the body. Exactly! What are you waiting for?

We can't be surprised at how all this misinformation gets spread though. Sex education has been largely restricted or just plain inaccurate all across the globe and especially within the US, leaving most of us to trial and error, word on the street, or a Reddit forum. Sex ed is often so bad, we don't even know where to look for good info. But don't worry, you've got us! We're always here with the product knowledge, expertise, and a sex-positive perspective to support you in getting the most out of getting down 'n dirty! So whether you're bobbin' for blow jobs or trick or treating yourself this fall, don't go around scaring people with bad sex info.