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Keeping It Down While Getting Down

By: Good Vibrations

Loud, raucous sex can be a lot of fun, but sometimes- it’s just not on the menu. Whether it’s because you’re a guest in someone else’s space, you’ve got nosy roommates, or your walls are as thin as a polyisoprene condom- there are times where you just gotta keep it quiet.

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But don’t worry! Quiet sex does not mean boring sex. In fact, keeping things hush hush can be especially hot- from adding in some roleplay, the adrenaline rush of trying not to be caught, or finding new ways to communicate your pleasure - other than screams of ecstasy.

So, how do you keep it down when you’re getting down?

🤫 Take it to the floor:
The number one culprit that shouts “hey! I’m getting it on!” across your entire home is a noisy bed. From squeaky bedsprings to a clattering headboard, mattress movement can get quite loud. Try switching things up by moving your play from the bed to the floor. Throw down some pillows and blankets for comfort, and go for it! Even if you’re playing in the same positions you’d normally do on the bed- on the ground, they’ll feel more adventurous.

🤫 Vibrate at a lower decibel:
Some toys are not shy about letting you know when they’re switched on. They announce themselves with a roaring rumble—then, if anything, they get even louder. Thankfully, there are plenty of vibes that were designed to be discreet in their noise level without giving up any of the power. Toys that are rechargeable- like the Roxie- tend to make less of a commotion than battery-operated toys, and ones that are soft to the touch- like the Iroha Plus line- have an extra layer of super soft silicone to cushion those buzzing noises.

🤫 Drown it out in the shower:
The sound of running water can easily cover some of that sexy racket- so why not get dirty while you’re getting clean and enjoy some shower sex? There are plenty of great waterproof toys designed to be used in the shower, and even some submergible ones- like the Form 2- that can be your new favorite bathtime accessory. Looking to lube it up? Silicone lubricant is great for fun in the tub because it won’t wash right off when water hits it- just make sure that you’re not using silicone lube on silicone toys (they’re not compatible).

🤫 A good gag:
If you’re looking to incorporate some kink into your play and the noises you’re most concerned about making are the ones coming from your mouth- you may want to try out a ball gag! Ball gags are a sexy way to add power dynamics into a scene, muffle some of those squeals of delight, and they look super hot.
❗ Safety is key: Make sure that you know how to properly use a ball gag before trying one out. Try the gag on outside of your play before diving in, take the opportunity before things get started to discuss using it with your partner(s), and always ensure that you have a non-verbal safeword in place to allow for communication even when you’re unable to speak.

So turn down the volume, turn up the sexy, and *whispers* have fun!