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Grab A Cold One!

By: Good Vibrations

Looking for a cool way to beat the heat?

Grab a Cold One

Try taking your waterproof vibes and silicone toys for a dip!

Summer is here and so is this heatwave! That might leave you feeling like the last thing you wanna do is get sweaty with another person, or even alone, but fear not, friends; we've got some tips and tools to help you keep cool.


Tips for keeping cool while getting hot:

🧊  Do you have a waterproof toy? Now might be the perfect time to take it for a nice dip in the tub or even just hit the showers!

🧊  Store your lubricant in a cool dark place for refreshing rehydration of your hot spots. If it's extra warm out, try keeping it in the fridge for an added sensation.

🧊  Sun got your thighs sticking together? Same! Try this sex educator trick: Silicone lube is perfect for preventing chaffing on your bod. GAME CHANGER!

🧊  Ice Ice Baby! Chances are you have at least one cube left in that ice tray. Treat yourself or your sweetie(s) to a cool caress of ice over the neck, chest, thighs...or any place else your imagination takes you.

🧊  Lights out! Your room can dramatically change in temperature from lights on to off. Prep your pleasure area with proper lighting like desk lamps or string lights vs overheating overhead lightbulbs. Try low wattage, and maybe even a color bulb like cool blue for a new experience. 

🧊 And last but certainly not least, drink lots of water. More. Actually, you should probably just double it, because you’re worth it! Remember, staying hydrated supports sexual functioning and lubrication.


Drink Water GIF by Shameless Maya

You got this fam!