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Hey Baby Baby… (There’s a Lube for That!)

By: Good Vibrations

If you're looking for lube while trying to conceive, we got you covered!


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When our founder Joani Blank first planned the tiny little store that would become Good Vibrations, she had some strong ideas about what she wanted to offer and which things she didn’t see fitting in. One important distinction: she wanted products people could use to have sex, not the stuff you could get at the drugstore. She saw a boundary between sex and conception (and contraception); she thought there was plenty of support for those more health-based things and way too little for S-E-X.  


What a difference a couple of generations makes! Now our whole industry, especially women, enby, and queer entrepreneurs, tends to think of sexual health as primary. And it turns out that while getting pregnant (or not) is maybe sort of different from the sex we have for fun, the two topics are usuallyer, related! It also turns out that the medicalized world out there isn’t always the greatest help with sex for conception, just as doctors don’t always learn enough in med school to optimally help when we have issues with sex for pleasure. 


Our customers and community have been telling us about this gap all along! Many who are trying to conceive don’t want to use standard lubes, and for a while, the research about what lubricant might be optimal for conception either wasn’t done or wasn’t conclusive. There have been concerns that many lubricants aren’t the right pH, or might impede sperm motility, or in some other ways would make conception more difficultFinally, though, we have a product on our shelves that is designed to help: BioGenesis Fertility Lubricant from our friends at Good Clean LoveThis company specializes in lubricants that enhance sex, so this lube is sex- and conception-friendlyHere are some details:  


Research-based, patent-pending formula. 
Water-based, with hydroxyethylcellulose that does not impede sperm movement. 
Bio-Match® formula mimics natural vaginal moisture. 
Made with natural ingredients to support the fertility journey. 
FDA cleared through rigorous testing. 
100% isotonic and paraben-free. 
Not made with petrochemicalsparabens, or glycerin.  

* Contains both calcium and magnesium ions, clinically proven to support successful fertility. 
Safe with latex and polyisoprene condoms, and toys. 
pH rating: 3.8 - 4.2 
Osmolality rating: 300 - 400 mOsmol/kg  


Now, let’s be clear: Other lubes don’t prevent pregnancy! Not all the time, anyway. People get pregnant (who want to, and who don’t want to) using all kinds of lubricants, or none at all. But because some people really want a lubricant that’s been tested for this purpose, and some find conceiving a challenge, we’re so glad that a trusted company has stepped in to make a great product.  



-Carol Queen PhD, Staff Sexologist