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Dil-do’s and Dil-don’ts

By: Good Vibrations

dildoLooking for a dildo? Well, you’ve come to the right spot!

Dildos are toys designed for insertion. They’re one of the most versatile toys on the market–they can be used solo, with a partner, hand-held, with a harness, vaginally, anally, they can vibrate, and so on…

Good Vibes carries a huge variety of dildos for this reason, so that we can find the right toy for you and your needs. When picking your dildo, there’s a lot to consider- because sometimes things like size does matter.

So whether you’re finding your perfect personal phallus, or picking a pecker for your partner- here are some things to consider:

🍆 Length / Insertable Length:

            Length means how long your dildo is, and is usually shown twice: the total length (or just length), and the insertable length.

            Total length is the actual dimensional length of the entire toy, whereas insertable length is the size of the toy beyond the base or balls–the part that will actually go inside of the body during penetration. Insertable length is usually the key in finding the right (excuse the pun) fit.

🍆 Representational / Realistic or Non:

            Representational or Realistic are terms used to refer to how much your dildo looks or feels like an anatomical (or flesh) penis.

            There are many reasons someone may use a dildo, whether its as a sex toy, or for gender affirmation. When picking out your dildo, think about using and/or wearing it. Are you looking for a flaccid soft packer to create a realistic bulge without looking erect all day? Or are you looking for something with a flexible spine so you can pack and be ready for play.

            Do you want it to look and feel like a flesh penis? Do you want it to be sort-of realistic– maybe realistic in skin tone but not in texture, or realistic in look but not in skin tone? Do you want balls? Do you want it to not look anything like a penis at all?

🍆 Bases:

            The base is the flared, non-insertable end of a toy.

            If you are going to use your dildo as a strap-on, make sure there is a base on your toy so that it can be fastened into your harness.

            If your dildo is going to be used anally, it needs to have a base — in fact, for ANY anal play with a toy, a flared base is a requirement in order to anchor your toy outside of the body for safe retrieval.

            Some bases have suction cups, which are great if youre looking to have hands-free play–especially on smooth surfaces such as shower walls, or hardwood chairs! If your dildo doesn’t have a built in suction cup but has a flat base you can always add one separately.

🍆 Material:

            Dildos can come in a variety of materials–siliconemetal, and glass (just to name a few)–to offer a variety of different textures and sensations.

            While silicone is the most popular material for dildos because it’s soft enough for harnessing, there are lots of benefits to having a more rigid material for use outside of a harness, such as stimulating the G-spot or prostate with a firmer toy, or simply aesthetics!

🍆 Feel:

            Texture and density help describe the feel, appearance, and consistency of any given material.

            When it comes to texture, there are so many kinds to try–wavy, rippled, veiny— and they can feel especially great as the dildo is thrust inside the body, stimulating internal hot spots with each movement. Some folks aren’t too into textures and like it smooth— to each their own!

🍆 Girth:

            Girth is how thick your dildo is, measuring by diameter.

            Keep in mind the role of density when thinking about girth–a firmer material will feel girthier than a softer material, since it doesn’t have that much “give” when it’s inside the body.

🍆 Vibration:

            Vibration adds another layer of sensation to your dildo by giving it the ability to–well, vibrate!

            Many dildos feature a hole at the base where a bullet vibrator can be inserted, and some even have the motor built right in.

While this isn’t a complete list of all of the wonderful things that a dildo can be, have, or do- it’s good to keep these features in mind as you find your ideal insertable toy.

Remember, penetration play can be fun and erotic for people of all genders- and if you’re down to explore, a dildo can be a great pick for you!