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Consent and communication are key in all aspects of our lives, but especially when it comes to sex. Not sure where to start? YES / NO / MAYBE lists are a great way to get the conversation going!

yes no maybeThese lists can help discover desires and fantasies, reveal avenues of exploration, and build intimacy between you and your partner(s). Our YES / NO / MAYBE list comes with some ideas for inspiration- but the possibilities are endless! 

Read through the list, add your own desires and limits, and designate each into the columns: 

  • YES - for what you're into, or are highly interested in trying.
  • MAYBE - for what you may not have tried yet but are interested in, or for what that you have some hesitancy or soft limits surrounding. ​Remember, a "maybe" is not a "yes". Make sure that this column is discussed in detail.
  • NO - for limits/boundaries, or what you are not interested in participating in at all. 

Be as specific as you'd like to be- you can notate giving, receiving, both, when, where, or how- just make sure you are being honest about your needs. After you've filled out your lists, exchange with your partner(s) and discuss. When you're done, you'll have a curated list of exciting new things to try!

!!! Just remember, YES / NO / MAYBE lists are not a contract. Consent must always be freely given, and you and your partner(s) always have the ability to change your mind. Remember to check in, use safewords, and respect all boundaries. You can also update the list as often as possible, as you explore and learn more about your body and tastes!