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Sex in Culture

Banned Books Week 2021
By: Good Vibrations - 09/24/2021
Sex and gender are not the only themes or content that can get a book banned. Many issues are culturally fraught and may make people uncomfortable.
Awareness Is Life--National Gay Men’s HIV/AIDS Awareness Day
By: Good Vibrations - 09/16/2021
I still remember where I was when I learned about AIDS. My gay friend Charles told me about it as we were driving down the street in Eugene, Oregon.
Bitter As Gall: Texas Tackles Freedom of Choice
By: Good Vibrations - 09/10/2021
Good Vibrations has been a feminist business from the very beginning—founded by Joani Blank to create a comfortable space where it was easy for women to find out about sexual health and pleasure and shop for products that facilitated these things.
The Toys Story
By: Good Vibrations - 04/23/2021
Sex toys, pleasure products, personal massagers, sexual health aids...
Sexperts, Experts, and Sexologists
By: Good Vibrations - 04/16/2021
Whenever I give a talk as staff sexologist, I like to ask whether members of the audience feel they received good sex education.
3 Little Words
By: Good Vibrations - 04/09/2021
If your favorite online or book-writin’ sexpert, the one that taught you your favorite sex trick, is not sprinkling the words some, many, and most in their sexy infotainment as liberally as tasty toppings on a fancy sundae, watch out.
Claiming Space as Ace
By: Good Vibrations - 04/01/2021
April 6 is the first-ever International Asexuality Day! What are you doing to celebrate? How about by challenging some myths about this often-misunderstood sexual orientation? We're here to help!
The Results Are In On Going Down!
By: Good Vibrations - 01/15/2021
Our customers love oral sex! Whether it’s a workshop on oral techniques or a tell-all survey, lickable love is always a favorite way to go (down).
Good Vibrations & Babeland Customers Tell All re: Porn
By: Good Vibrations - 10/08/2020
Adult retain icon Good Vibrations and sibling companay Babeland have again joined forces to survey their combined customer bases about a sex-related topic, this time asking about patterns of behavior and feelings about porn.
The Good Vibrations community has a lot to say about non-monogamy!
By: Good Vibrations - 09/12/2020
Inspired by recent public talk about non-monogamy in popular culture, especially the super-interesting discussions about Jada and Will Smith and Jada’s relationship with August Alsina, we put together a survey