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Toys of the Zodiac: Pisces

By: Lisa Finn

PiscesThe Pisces sign is known for their strength in emotion, so get ready to get romantic with this heart-strong Water sign. This final sign of the Zodiac is a prone to fantasy, incredibly in-tune with others' needs, and their dreamy vibes make for a serious imagination – so some may argue that the Zodiac saved the best for last.

When it comes to partnered play, Pisces is a listener, so communication and scene negotiation are easy with this compassionate sign. Don’t be afraid to take some time before you hit the sheets to let Pisces know what you want - even if it's not up their alley, that imaginative Water sign brain is sure to have some ideas that may have you both hooked (sorry, couldn’t resist a fish pun…)

If we were doing superlatives for the signs, Pisces would be voted “most likely to leave you post-it poetry on the nightstand the morning after” – but with Pisces' creative mind, we’re not just talking about roses-are-red-style poetry (to give you some insight on the Pisces way with words, Rihanna, Nina Simone, and Henrik Ibsen were born this Water sign).


Let Pisces get inspired by exploring the body with some sensation play. This dual-ended toy is great for slow and sensual, tenderly dragging the flogger across the skin or teasing sensitive spots with the whisper-soft feather – or you can get a little wicked with it and delight in the sting of the rubber tails during impact play, then use the feather during the aftercare that many sensitive-sided Pisces will love to give.


Another two-for-one toy for this Water sign is a massage candle – lighting one of these bedside will set some ambiance with the delightful soft glow it casts and gentle scent wafting from your nightstand. These candles are soy wax-based, which melts at a lower temperature, so you can pour the melted wax from the spouted rim directly on your lover’s body without worrying about burns. Perfect for foreplay, during play, aftercare, or a romantic date night or solo massage – Ignite Me is the perfect accessory for a Pisces bedside. (Psst - if you want a hotter temperature for your wax play, opt for paraffin wax instead – like these Drip Pillar Candles.)


A waterproof toy is sure to make a splash in this late-Zodiac sign’s sex life, whether they’re playing solo or getting wet with their beau. Pisces’ thirst for creativity can be quenched with all of the different ways to explore sensation with the Jix – in the shower, bath, bed, wherever! The slender dual-stim toy has a gentle curve great for penetrative play – vaginally or anally – and the external arm can be used to add in clitoral or perineal stimulation, can be used for some double penetration play, or act as a handle for rocking the toy into the right spots or holding while using the tip for external sensations.