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Toys of the Zodiac: Aries

By: Lisa Finn

AriesAries season has come in like a lit fuse – and this fire sign is more than ready to get things real hot. As the first sign of the Zodiac, Aries is the one to always get things started – head-strong and determined, the Ram is an initiator through and through.

Aries is ruled by the planet Mars – which, in astrology, is the planet of passion and desire. Combined with their determination and their blind confidence, Aries leans into the heat of the moment, lusting after spontaneity and turning up their nose to routine. This fire sign loves the art of the chase and to be kept on their toes – but their impulsivity and tendency to dive in before considering what may happen next can often leave reckless Aries at the result (whether good or bad) of “fuck around and find out.

As self-assured as Aries is, they want their partners (be they sexual, romantic, or platonic) to radiate that confidence alongside them, and this fire sign will share their flame by drawing them in and hyping them up as best they can – and by showing them off, especially when the relationship is shiny and new. This spitfire sign is radiating with high energy, but can certainly use a reminder to slow down and take a breath every once in a while… whether or not they want to hear it, they likely need to.

AriesFor Aries, taking charge can be a huge turn-on – and this fire sign’s aggression can definitely play a fun role when it comes to power dynamics in the bedroom. The Under the Bed Restraint system keeps your bed pre-rigged and ready for some bondage play so you can explore the Dominant side of the Ram. With the Special Edition set you get four high-quality vegan leather cuffs with golden hardware clip on to the six positioning straps that fit under mattresses of any size, so Aries’ need to keep things exciting is satiated by easily switching up the placement to whatever position gets things fired up that night. Plus, the set comes with a soft velvet blindfold to take the suspense up a notch for a session full of surprises.

AriesAries is powerful and competitive – and sometimes quite haughty – so they love being the best and having the best. It only makes sense to pair that bold and brash attitude with a toy that’s just as powerful, and that has consistently held a spot at the top of our best-sellers list since we first opened in 1977 – none other than the iconic Magic Wand. The rechargeable edition of this cult-classic packs just as much of that deep, rumbly punch as its plug-in counterpart, but gives Aries the option to go cordless and get creative with positions and placement as they play.

AriesWhen it comes to things Aries doesn’t like, it’s having to wait. The Sportsheets Fit Fishnet Harness is perfect for the impatient Ram – it slips right onto the body like a pair of briefs, so there’s no time wasted fussing with belts or buckles in the heat of the moment, or you can even wear this low profile strap-on harness under your clothes and stay ready to play. Two pockets surrounding the secure O-ring let you add in vibration to your play (or on the go). A showy yet sleek design features a seductive fishnet-style mesh back and hips, and has a “cheeky” cut so you can have all your best assets on display. (If you’re not into the fishnet, the Fit Harness also comes in a full-coverage briefs version.)