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Sex in Culture

The Toys Story
By: Good Vibrations - 04/23/2021
Sex toys, pleasure products, personal massagers, sexual health aids...
Sexperts, Experts, and Sexologists
By: Good Vibrations - 04/16/2021
Whenever I give a talk as staff sexologist, I like to ask whether members of the audience feel they received good sex education.
3 Little Words
By: Good Vibrations - 04/09/2021
If your favorite online or book-writin’ sexpert, the one that taught you your favorite sex trick, is not sprinkling the words some, many, and most in their sexy infotainment as liberally as tasty toppings on a fancy sundae, watch out.
Claiming Space as Ace
By: Good Vibrations - 04/01/2021
April 6 is the first-ever International Asexuality Day! What are you doing to celebrate? How about by challenging some myths about this often-misunderstood sexual orientation? We're here to help!
The Results Are In On Going Down!
By: Good Vibrations - 01/15/2021
Our customers love oral sex! Whether it’s a workshop on oral techniques or a tell-all survey, lickable love is always a favorite way to go (down).
Good Vibrations & Babeland Customers Tell All re: Porn
By: Good Vibrations - 10/08/2020
Adult retain icon Good Vibrations and sibling companay Babeland have again joined forces to survey their combined customer bases about a sex-related topic, this time asking about patterns of behavior and feelings about porn.
The Good Vibrations community has a lot to say about non-monogamy!
By: Good Vibrations - 09/12/2020
Inspired by recent public talk about non-monogamy in popular culture, especially the super-interesting discussions about Jada and Will Smith and Jada’s relationship with August Alsina, we put together a survey
On Bisexuality
By: Good Vibrations - 09/12/2020
September is Bisexual Awareness Month! Some of you may be wondering why, now that pansexual identity is on the rise and has smashed the binary, we would want to acknowledge this old-school sexual orientation.
The Results are In! Survey Customers about Anal Sex
By: Good Vibes - 08/04/2020
Customers of iconic sex retailers Good Vibrations and Babeland have once again shared intimate details about their sex lives.
Good Vibrations and Babeland Masturbation Month Survey Yields Insights into Self-Pleasure
By: Good Vibrations - 07/15/2020
Another Masturbation Month has come and gone, and sex-positive adult toy companies Good Vibrations and Babeland have joined forces to see where masturbation stands today, in the time of COVID-19 and quarantine.