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Sex With Emily Subscription Box

Daily distractions can make it hard to prioritize your pleasure. But, I have a sexy solution that will recharge your batteries on a regular basis! Variety is the spice of life, and that couldn't be more true than when it comes to sex. One of the easiest and most successful ways to keep your love life interesting is to try new things. Something as simple as a new toy or game can bring that spark back - and my subscription box is just what this doctor ordered.

I have hand-picked a selection of amazing products that I KNOW will bring that sexy fun back into your life. Every three months, I'll send you new toys, lubes, lotions, accessories and more - along with a little note of encouragement from me. And, if you're not feeling it, no worries - you can cancel anytime. Trust me, for most people, the anticipation of the next delivery becomes almost as exciting as the actual items in their subscription box. So, Was it good for you?
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Xx Emily

The actual Box
$95.00 (Recurs Quarterly)


This quarter’s subscription box includes

  • Pleasure Works Bunny Luv Silicone Vibrator
  • Red Bondage Tape
  • 2oz Please Gel Lubricant
  • Exsens Hot Cold Effect Lip Gloss
  • Dirty Dice Game
  • 2oz Ignite Me Massage Candle (Nude)
  • Sex Later Greeting Card