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1977: Good Vibrations founded by Joani Blank

1985: GV launches mail order catalog

1989: Move to Valencia Street

1992: Joani sells Good Vibrations to her employees

1994: Good Vibes co-op opens 2nd store in Berkeley

1995: Launch of website!

1995: Good Vibrations creates National Masturbation Month

2001: Good Vibes stops selling toys that contain phthalates

2002: Polk Street store opens

2006: GV moves to Brookline, MA

2007: Change of ownership to Barnaby, Ltd

2010: GV opens a store at 5th & Mission in SF

2012: The Antique Vibrator Museum opens in GV’s Polk Street store!

2012: GV opens in Oakland

2013: We open a store in Palo Alto and one on Kearny Street, SF

2015: Good Vibes publishes The Sex & Pleasure Book

2016: GV acquires Camouflage, Santa Cruz

2016: Cambridge, MA store opens

2017: Good Vibes acquires Babeland (Seattle & NYC)