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Sex Positions for Plus-Sized Folks

If you or your partner (or both) are on the bigger side, you might find that it takes a bit of experimentation to find the sex positions that work for you. But never fear! Here are some tips for getting the most from your play time.

Positions can be Challenging for Everyone
The first thing to know is that lots of people, not just the plus-sized, find the positions described in sex guides challenging. Some folks are less flexible or aren’t strong enough to get into some of them. Other people have physical injuries or disabilities that limit what poses they can maintain or how long they can stay in them. And just like those folks, you can find plenty of ways to enjoy lots of great sex!

Start with the Basics
Since every body is different, a good place to start is with the “basic” sex positions and experiment. If you find it frustrating to keep stopping to change things up during sex, try it out when you’re not turned on. Rehearsing when you’re not trying to have sex can help you keep it fun, instead of interrupting your sexy time.

Get some Support
If you need to raise your body up a bit or want a little support, pillows can be really helpful. Or take a look at the Liberator Shapes. They have a firm foam core, with a removable waterproof cover and another removable fleece cover around that. They offer more support than most pillows and the covers make cleanup a snap. Plus, they’re great in all sorts of positions. For example, if the receiving partner is on their back, having their hips raised is easier on their spine, supports their weight, and makes all kinds of stimulation easier. And if they’re face down, having something under their hips to lift them up does the same thing.

Try these Suggestions
Another fun option is to have the receiving person on their back at the edge of the bed. Their partner can stand on the floor with the receiver’s feet on their shoulders. Another bedside version: the receiving partner can kneel on the edge of the bed for rear-entry (aka Doggy Style) pleasure. The classic cowgirl/cowboy position is also a popular choice, especially since the receiver can control the angle and depth of penetration. This might work better if you’re on a firm surface, so if the bed is too soft, put a padded exercise mat on the floor!

Be Creative
These are primarily intercourse positions, but it's worth remembering how pleasurable it is to lie side by side and masturbate together, or take turns and use toys with each other. These erotic options often give you more of a range of positions, too. Be creative!

If you’re looking for some great sex toys, books and erotic movies, check out our Shopping Guide for Plus-Sized Folks. And for a little erotic inspiration, April Flores, Courtney Trouble, and Kelly Shibari are sure to get your blood pumping.