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How to Pack a Cock

Whatever your reasons or desires for packing, there are some easy ways to make it work better.

If you want to get that bulge in your pants and you’re not planning on having sex with your cock, check out the GV Soft Pack. This softskin packer is lightweight and both looks and feels realistic. You can wear it in briefs, jockey shorts or a jockstrap, without needing a harness. Since it’s made from softskin (also known as Cyberskin), it’s somewhat porous, so we suggest putting a pair of underwear on first, and then wearing the packer in a second pair.

After you wash it, the softskin will feel somewhat sticky when it dries. You can store it in a plastic bag to keep it clean, but make sure it’s totally dry before you do. You can also dust it with cornstarch. The easiest way to do that is to put the packer in a paper bag with a spoonful of cornstarch, hold the bag closed, and shake.

The GV Soft Pack has a lot of fans because of its realism, size and range of skin tones. However, if you use it daily, it may only last a few months. Taking care to avoid tearing the surface and using cornstarch after washing it will help increase its lifespan.

Another option is to use a dildo and harness. Many people find the fabric harnesses are a bit easier to wear for extended periods and they’re machine-washable, but if you prefer the look or feel of leather, go for it. Larger dildos can be tricky to pack since you have to bend them down to fit in your clothes. This can cause them to tear at the base, especially if the harness is holding it very snugly. It may be easier for you if your pants are a bit looser.

Some people will pack with a packer or a smaller dildo and then switch to a larger one when it’s time to have sex. VixSkin dildos are especially popular for packing because they’re made from silicone, but feel as realistic as possible. They’re also a bit more flexible, so they bend a bit easier.

There are some models of packers that are designed to enable you to urinate while standing up. The FTM Resource Guide has excellent information on different models and DIY tips. It’s possible to turn a GV Soft Pack into a STP (stand to pee) packer by carefully carving a narrow hole through the shaft and inserting a medical spoon. There are quite a few video guides on how to do this online.