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For Immediate Release

March 10, 2010

Media Contact: Camilla Lombard
Events and Publicity Manager
(415) 974-8985 ext.201


Pioneering Adult Retailer Looks Back On a Formidable Past
and Steps Into to a Bright Future with Special Offerings to their Loyal

Good Vibrations
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San Francisco, CA -- (March 10, 2010): Good Vibrations, (, the legendary San Francisco-based company that takes pride in providing accurate information on sexuality and toys for grown-ups, turns thirty-three in March, and plans to celebrate by giving back to their loyal customers and reflecting on how far they have come. 

On Thursday, March 18th, Good Vibrations will pop the champagne and break out the birthday cake at all of its four retail stores from 6-9PM, and guests can take 25% off all vibrators in celebration of the iconic adult toy that the company ushered into the mainstream over three decades ago.  Visitors to the website ( can also enjoy the 25% discount (minus the cake) from March 18th – 21st. 

When sex therapist and educator Joani Blank began the business in 1977 as a resource especially for pre-orgasmic women, it was impossible to anticipate that by the turn of the century vibrators would be featured on major television shows, in catalogs for ordinary household goods, and accepted as part of the popular culture.  The first change was Good Vibes staffers' gradual understanding that men, too, needed an information-based, sex-positive source of erotic products. The premise that pleasure is everyone's birthright gave rise to an often-imitated but never replicated business model, producing a major social shift toward healthy sexuality.  The goal of affecting positive social change manifested more than just award-winning online and retail stores; Good Vibrations boasts a robust education program, community donations strategy (“GiVe”), lively in-store and off-site events, an erotic film festival, and Pleasure-Ed, a line of educational and erotic films through its sister company, Good Releasing.  After thirty-three years of growth and transformation, there is ever more to celebrate.

Good Vibrations continues to be a resource to adults, providing in-depth, objective information on a broad range of sexual health issues. People turn to Good Vibrations to answer their most pressing and personal sexual health care questions. Through nationwide public education campaigns and personal assistance, Good Vibrations continues to support and promote the advancement of sexual health; most recently they have added a "House Calls" feature to the website allowing customers to ask staff educators their own sex questions.

Education has always been a cornerstone of the Good Vibrations philosophy.  The goal of educating women about their bodies required educating the store staff in a level of sophistication that is still unmatched.  Good Vibrations coined the term “SESA,” Sex Educator/Sales Associate, and pioneered the rigorous training model. To obtain the title of SESA, staffers must go through a series of classes and more than 20 hours of education on all things sex-related. Employees are also part of a continuing education program to keep them updated on products, materials, health issues and more. Good Vibrations is the only retailer in the country who requires that their staff members complete this extensive training in order to be allowed on the sales floor or on the customer service phone line.

"As long as it's too difficult or confusing to access pleasure-based sex information, not just education about disease and abstinence, Good Vibrations will be a necessary resource for adults who still need help learning about their own bodies," says Staff Sexologist and Chief Cultural Officer Carol Queen, whose own 20-year anniversary at Good Vibrations happens this summer. "Most of our customers come to us with questions they don't have other places to get answers for. Helping them choose toys and movies is just the tip of the iceberg."

While they have been responsible for a lot of progress in thirty-three years, Good Vibrations’ sex-positive adventure has only just begun.  Good Vibrations anticipates expanding its reach and impact even further, and helping even more people on their journey to sexual pleasure.

As Good Vibrations COO Jackie Strano explains, it is not just business, it is also personal.  “Every box that goes out of the warehouse, every bag that goes out the doors has something inside that is going to make someone’s life more enjoyable.  I work in the pleasure business, and even during wars and recession, people still need access to sexual health and information.  It’s a worthy cause and a noble profession.”

And that’s cause to celebrate!

About Good Vibrations
Good Vibrations is the nation's first and premier provider of sex education and sex positive products. Good Vibrations is a San Francisco-based multi channel retailer that women and couples have trusted for over three decades to provide a comfortable, safe environment for finding sex-positive products and educational materials to enhance their sex life. Good Vibrations offers its products through its retail stores and website ( and retail stores.