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Gloves are an easy way to make sex safer and easier to clean up. While some people feel shy about using them due to their medical associations, most people find that after a few exciting sessions, the sound of a glove going over a lover’s hand becomes a turn-on.

1. Ease of Use

Not only do gloves protect you and your partner if you have small cuts on your hand, they smooth out rough edges from calluses and hangnails, create a slick surface, and are especially important during anal play. Plus, they make cleanup a snap. Pick up used condoms, tissues, etc., take the glove off inside out, and throw it all away!

2. Good Fit

Make sure that you get gloves that will fit. If they’re too tight, they won’t be comfortable and if they’re too loose, you’ll get folds that can irritate your partner.

3. Increased Sensation

You can increase your finger sensitivity by putting on a glove, squeezing a dab of lubricant into it and pressing it down to your fingertips.

4. Protect Long Fingernails

If you have long nails, tear some cotton balls in half or thirds and put them in the fingertips of the glove before you put it on. That’ll protect your partner from sharp edges and keep your manicure looking good.

5. Latex Sensitivities

If you and/or your partner are sensitive to latex, try our Nitrile Gloves. Nitrile isn’t as stretchy as latex, but if it feels better, it’s worth it.

If you only want to cover one finger, try a finger cot.

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