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G Marks the Spot®

Good Vibrations announces G Marks the Spot! Read up on G-spot pleasure and technique with our helpful G-Spot How-To Articles and G-Spot & Female Ejaculation Shopping Guide. Shop our best-selling G-spot Vibrators and G-spot Dildos.

G-spot Toys

Most G-spot toys are curved in order to reach the G-spot. Others have bumps, ridges or textures to provide different sensations as you move them in and out. Some vibrators focus the vibration on the G-spot while others stimulate the vaginal opening. It's often easier to experiment with toys if you add some lubricant. We have lots of great vibrators and dildos on our shelves, as well as some excellent how-to guides and movies to make it easier to explore G-spot fun.

Good Vibrations G-Spot Illustration

Press Hot Spots

Gushing about the G-spot Movie - GUSH! The Official Guide to the G-spot & Female Ejaculation was nominated for an X-biz Award and an AVN Award for "Best Sex Education Movie" in 2012, produced by Good Releasing's Pleasure-Ed Series of instructional sex videos.

G-Spot & Female Ejaculation Information - Good Vibrations wrote the book on sex and pleasure "THE Sex & Pleasure Book" with plenty of information about the G-Spot, and check out the wealth of sex education articles in our How To Section:

Quotes From The Sex & Pleasure Book:

The term “G-spot” stands for “Gräfenberg spot,” which is not its scientific name; another term used to describe it is “prostata femina.”

Don’t forget the curved fingers that best stimulate G-spot and prostate! No savvy finger penetration is complete without it—unless, that is, it’s a sensation your partner doesn’t enjoy. We don’t call it the “Come hither” motion for nothing!

While there is no magic button on a woman’s body that will instantly produce arousal or orgasms, some women who enjoy G-spot stimulation have described their climaxes as “full-bodied” and “mind-blowing”—so exploring it might be worth a try, if you like vaginal insertion and feel like going hunting.

The G-spot is usually easier to find when you are aroused, since this causes the spongy tissue to swell, making the G-spot area somewhat former than the surrounding vaginal walls. Many find it irritating to seek and stimulate their G-spots when they are not turned on,. So first things first: Enjoy your time physically touching, having oral sex, masturbating, doing whatever gets the motor revved up before you start your search.

Since the G-spot is generally much more responsive to pressure than light touches, [some] toys have a pronounced curve and are hard or very firm, which makes them easier to angle or press against the G-spot.

Press information

Good Vibrations Marketing
Carol Queen, Ph. D, Staff Sexologist.

Seeking the G-spot can be pleasurable and may yield new sources of orgasm -- but please do not let it be a source of performance anxiety! We do not know definitively that every woman can orgasm this way; but we know for sure that if you are fully aroused and enjoying the hunt, you still win, whether or not you find you have a sensitive G-spot.

Many women don't believe they have a G-spot because they have not experienced its sensations during intercourse. But most penises are not curved enough to be optimal G-spot stimulators -- instead of stroking the spot, in most positions, they slide right on by. Try curved fingers or a curved toy, and don't forget the lube! Firm vaginal pressure may not feel good without it.
- Carol Queen, PhD. Good Vibrations' Staff Sexologist