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Electric Vibrators

When most people think of vibrators, the battery-powered models usually come to mind. But electric vibrators have a lot to offer, too.

These models are much more durable than their battery-powered counterparts. We’ve heard of electric vibes lasting for 15 or even 20 years! They’re also more powerful and while some people find them a bit too much, if you like intensity, electric vibrators might be right for you.

At the same time, you do need to be near an outlet and since these models aren’t designed with sex in mind, they’re a bit bigger than battery vibes. They usually come with two speeds, rather than a dial, and some of them, like the Hitachi Magic Wand, are louder than others. But if you want something silent, check out the Wahl Coil Electric Vibrator.

While these models are better suited for external stimulation of the clitoris, vulva, penis, testicles or perineum, fans of penetration have plenty of options. The G-Spotter Attachment Deluxe slips right onto the head of the Hitachi Magic Wand for amazing G-spot and prostate fun. Since it’s silicone, it’s easy to clean. You can also replace the foam head with the silicone Off With Your Head for a different sensation or for simple cleaning.

The Wahl Vibrator comes with a suction-cup attachment that can hold any of our silicone dildos for a ride that’s out of this world! As long as the toy has a flat base (i.e. it doesn’t have a hole for a mini vibrator), it’ll stick right on and silicone transmits vibrations along the entire length of your toy. That means you can get exactly the right size, with amazing vibrations!

Electric vibes aren’t for everyone, but they have a lot of loyal fans. Plus, you can use them on your lower back at the end of the day, too.