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Top 5 Terms of Engagement for Affiliate Program

  1. Civil Discourse:
    Good Vibrations is the premiere (& was the first) woman-friendly, clean, well-lit, sex-positive retail sex toy store in the United States. Eve's Garden in NY was by appointment and women only. We have always provided a safe and welcoming place for everyone to ask information about sex education and about quality products including books and movies. Our staff sexologist, D. Carol Queen trains our staff who receive more hours of sex education than a medical doctor does in medical school. Good Vibrations continues to be a significant thought-leader in sex toy manufacturing, and one of the few top-level companies run by fierce feminists. We are deeply, personally, & professionally committed to carrying this branded experience into the online space with as much love and respect as we can muster. Please allow us to be transparent, articulate, & concise about this expectation. We want our reviewers to feel that they have the freedom to speak frankly in their reviews. However, we kindly request reviewers consider ways to avoid "yucking someone's yum." Why? Because being overly ferocious & personal about a sex toy, the company that made it, or the designer can, and often does, feel grossly sex-negative for people who are fans of that toy, that company, and that designer

  2. Sex-positivity:
    We are committed to giving reviewers the widest margin in which to enact their free speech; we spend a great deal of time balancing a very real commitment to free speech while still protecting the brand. At the end of the day, your words reflect Good Vibrations' brand on the internet, which is as close to forever as it gets. We are sensitive to that because what you say points back to us; we do not want someone who has recently considered adding sex toys to their sex-life digging up vitriolic reviews that link to us. Rather, we would like them to dig up reviews that are everything we list next:

  3. Well-written reviews:
    We really look for well-written reviews that focus on sex toy features before focusing on your personal experience using the toy. We seek reviewers that are rhetorically influential & clear: if the sex toy works as it was intended-- what are all of the features? How did they work for you- did it live up the manufacturer's claims? Is it easy to use? Does it charge quickly, etc.?

    A sex toy review is meant to help someone find a product that is right for them so we highly value reviews that include:
    • Who else might like this toy?
    • Similar toys for comparison-sake
    • A rating system that you have devised that can be understood by someone who doesn't have your same naughty bits
    • Alternative uses for sex toy (i.e., is it a couple's toy that works better for you solo, etc.)
    • Some indication if people with varying physical abilities can use this toy or should avoid this toy (if the toys has magnets, vibrates the hand, etc)

  4. Great Product Photos:
    Readers expect fantastic pictures. Please include well shot web ready photos. In this day and age with HD cameras on smartphones this task should be pretty straightforward.

  5. Legal:
    State clearly and obviously with some phrase that indicates you have been given the toy for an unbiased review if you have been given a toy for an unbiased review. No libel, slander, or plagiarism allowed.