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Strenghening your PC: Your PC Muscle and You

Your PC Muscle and You

The pubococcygeus muscle (PC for short) is the sling of muscles supporting the pelvic floor and surrounding the genital organs.

To find your PC muscle, practice stopping a stream of urine in mid-flow. The muscle you tighten to do this is the PC muscle. Kegel exercises (named after the gynecologist who first popularized PC exercises) involve rhythmically contracting and relaxing this muscle.

A healthy PC muscle prevents urinary incontinence. However, increased bladder control is certainly not the only benefit resulting from Kegel exercises. Exercising will increase bloodflow to the genitals, and improved muscle tone will enhance your sensitivity to vaginal and anal stimulation. Many people report easier and stronger orgasms when their PC muscle is in tone. That's plenty of reason to exercise!

Many find it easier to locate and exercise their PC muscle when they have a resistive device in their vagina. This resistive device can be anything safe to use vaginally -- a finger or a dildo. We sell a vaginal barbell created especially for Kegel exercises, called Betty's Barbell. It's a heavy (nearly a pound) stainless steel rod that comes with complete instructions on how to use it -- whether you're alone or with a partner. The weight, shape and texture of the barbell make this a unique dildo as well as a handy fitness tool.

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